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  1. Meghan Markle is the sort of person who'd see the excitement and reverence surrounding the procession of Queen Elizabeth's casket and think to herself, "I wish it were me in there. I will make it happen." But would not want to go through the ordeal of actually dying. Nor serving.

  2. I agree with all you said, and I’d add that Harry is also unhappy because he’s miserable in his marriage. Apparently, those two are fighting a lot behind the scenes.

  3. She did her best Jackie Kennedy impression during the Queen's funeral. Try as she might, she is no Jackie Kennedy. She lacks the decorum and discretion that Jackie Kennedy possessed.

  4. You've hit the nail right on the head and summed up her totality:

  5. Windsor Walkabout - Hogging flowers.

  6. I also predict she will never interview anyone with the combo of being young, attractive and more “on trend” as she is on her podcast.

  7. I also predict she will never interview anyone with the combo of being young, attractive and more “on trend” as she is on her podcast.

  8. I predict she will never interview any woman on any podcast again because she is soon to be finished.

  9. Truer words have never been spoken.

  10. “Every day is for the thief. One day is for the owner.”

  11. I actually think that Harry's recent rants about the trauma he expirenced walking behind Diana's coffin had to with him/them (read, Meghan) wanting to prevent William's kids from walking behind QEII's when that day would eventually arrive.

  12. He offered his home because he wanted to be Monarchy adjacent like his friend Oprah.

  13. The patriach exercised his authority and set the kid set.

  14. Leave her alone. It's just a First Lady inspired by another...said no one ever!

  15. That would have been fine if she had attributed the quote to Eleanor, but that was not the case here. She passed those words off as her own.

  16. She could have cited Roosevelt as her source of inspiration and stated the idea had been reworded for the occasion.

  17. Anne has never been appointed as a personal aide-de-camp to the Queen, so she cannot wear the cypher on her uniform. Andrew was still a personal aide to camp when the Queen died. It was something that was never stripped from him when he left public life.

  18. And what should be noted here is the fact that the Queen appointed him to this position after he'd married Meghan.

  19. I don't believe he had to renounce it, he was stripped of his duties, I believe the only thing he retained was that he's still a counsellor of state.

  20. He was stripped. However, he never abandoned the Realm even though his actions may have disgraced it. At his mother's funeral he wore his uniform to again pledge his allegiance to her and the Crown for the last time.

  21. Omg a “peace deal” with the King of England! During National time of mourning the Queen!!! Gayle is a professional parasite!!!!!

  22. "Gayle King says 'efforts were made on both sides'".

  23. I deliberately kept a low profile in order not to distract the funeral attendees from the service of one of my closests friends, Queen Elizabeth II.

  24. I's because Diana wore one (perhaps several) during her "Liberation Years".

  25. She also never owned being black. She listed “Caucasian” as her race on her headshots. She never stood up for black rights in the US nor contributed anything to the discussion until she realized that was what she could use as a valuable identity in her relationship.

  26. And then she lied and said the reason why she always listed "Caucasian" as her race is because a primary school teacher had told her that is what she looked like and that's the box she should tick.

  27. I can't tell the difference between her and Jussie Smollett.

  28. And she shouldn't hang around England in attempt to see him when he gets back either.


  30. I like to think that before she married Harry, MM had no idea Kate would automatically become PoW because she just didn’t know much of anything about the royals or how titles work.

  31. I don’t believe for a second that she didn’t know this basic information. I do believe that she’s delusional and cut throat enough to believe that she could magically bump people out of the LoS.

  32. What Meghan actually didn't know is that Queen Elizabeth would pass on to Greater Glory this year given the advanced age of the Queen's late mother. In other words, she thought she had a few more years to establish her Overseas Monarchy before other official titles were bestowed upon Catherine.

  33. And once she figured it out or Harry sat down and actually explained to her how things work, she attempted to speak "The People's Princess" into existence on her podcast.



  36. I just hope H&M aren’t seated next to them.


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