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  1. I have only strechy jeans. They are not that bad.

  2. Agree. I always wear stretch jeans. I look normal but i am comfy. Everywhere.

  3. So i cant get into VR cause of my IPD of 72. Any word on this with with Q3? I returned the 2 because everything was blurry.

  4. It has been said by leakers or testers before that it has a manual slider, but we don't know the maximum limit yet. I am in the same boat as you, but with the glass spacer the latest IPD option is fine with Q2 for me.

  5. Ive not heard of this ‘Glass spacer’ i think the Q2 is 68 max from memory.

  6. Any chance getting in hell that were gettin these in europe? Netherlands even?

  7. What!? I cool new game called no mans sky?!!?

  8. Man i would buy it in a heartbeat if it was a MSI, Alienware or Rog device.

  9. I immediately made this weird in my head.

  10. Collegas, buren en partners van vriendinnen van mijn vrouw door de jaren heen.

  11. I’ve watched this 6 times now and this is abuse.

  12. For me its the feel. De 35XX is great and does alot of things well. (Very bright screen) But when i pick up the MM+ the body feels tight, it doesnt rattle and the buttons are a bit more loose which is nice.

  13. I like the “chin” of the RG below the buttons. That improves grip specially if you have big hands. But can also play with the MM+ without any problem.

  14. Ami drunk or is it saying 670 euros? I thought it was gonna 799?!?!!

  15. Yea Europe prices always suck. When they announce new stuff the prices seem so cheap until i see it in stores and they’re 100-200 euro more.

  16. It is the price for universal public health care and not having a street full of people waiting to die because they cannot afford to pay for cancer treatment.

  17. Yea i know. If you pull back like that its fine. Just know, a little annoying at times.

  18. No, but you can apply black skin when it's available or if you can wait until it's gets lunch in the black version.

  19. Now i just need a visual conformation of the Black Ally.

  20. ETA clickbaity thumbnails as usual. Then he uses a completely different device to say what we can expect.

  21. Would be nice if at the end of the event they announce that its in stores now.

  22. Ive heard that there will be a black version. I surely hope so. This is a Aldi sportscar.

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