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  1. Their idea of ideal, not as in 'unimprovably' ideal. Incumbent car companies carry a lot of historic baggage and suffer from the syndrome of decision-making by a team.

  2. Oh, a typo that I have since fixed. Just so you know, I also initially said "gotta believe ne" instead of me as well. Also, I'm not claiming to be an expert in linguistics.

  3. If you're planning to insult someone's intelligence, a spelling and grammar check just seems like obvious insurance.

  4. Claiming he's not an expert is a legal insurance policy he takes so that he can freely insist his misinformation is true without a court case.

  5. Its kind of telling that people need to worry about holding a wrong opinion leading to a court case.

  6. if you speak technically you have to be precise. and I am getting it. I'm trying to make you be precise because some one on here will take you a face value and think there is such a thing as low grade lithium. you sure looked like you did.

  7. I'm not sure who you're talking about, I didn't mention low grade lithium, another poster did although I'm sure someone as precise as yourself would know that, but it was pretty obvious what he meant. And this isn't an engineering seminar, no ones reading this for their masters degree, its fine as long as we get the point across.

  8. most everything is expensive to recycle. Everything has cost. And crying like little a little baby that it costs money to recycle something doesn't get anything done and make zero difference.

  9. But the vaccine doesn't stop you getting Covid. I'm speaking from experience here, double jabbed, still got it.

  10. Lol, just in time to never take off. Honestly wasting money developing ice engines instead of electric shows you the companies that are going to be the next Kodak.

  11. Maserati have never cared about building cars for the mass market, they're an exotic car maker. This engine is for their MC20 new supercar, its a 600+ hp twin turbo costing well north of $200,000. It was never going to 'take off' in that sense.

  12. why not? Maybe not the whole concept, but bonds lose value all the time. There are a lot of different types of bonds, just like cryptos. Bonds also have a 3rd party promising a return (often a governmental unit or a business), crypto has no such promise. Other people willing to buy it is the only thing that props up the value.

  13. Well yeah, but that's true for a lot of things that are considered a store of value. The Gold price isn't what it is because of the industrial uses of gold, its because its rare.

  14. money left in the bank is safe if there is a run. WIth so many things out there just being stores of value- something is going to give. It could be gold, it could be NFTs, could be crypto, could be meme stocks... but there are too many stores of value out there these days

  15. Well of course everything's a risk. Including leaving it in the bank, Cyprus took a tax of 10% from depositors who banked with them in exchange for a bailout from Germany.

  16. I would double check why he was exempted.

  17. Well he said he'd recovered from Covid recently & had a note to prove it. Seems fine on the surface, but its somewhat convenient that someone who is anti vaccination manages to get and recover from Covid just in time to attend the open in a country where he would require vaccination to enter.

  18. I'm not sure what you mean by ten years behind, unless you're talking about battery availability? I'm sure there are options for Toyota to purchase those outside house as a stop gap if needed.

  19. It would be interesting to know how much mileage you need to do before the fuel savings make up for the price difference. I would imagine a lot of drivers use more than $40,000 worth of fuel and (ICE) maintenance over the life of their vehicle.

  20. It will be more than 40k. Electric isn't free either even if its much cheaper.

  21. Big oil is going to make America start a war with China before they let this become meaningful

  22. Big oil is just going to transition to other forms of energy production. All they have to do is delay things long enough to get their own hand in the pie.

  23. Nobody read the article because its behind a damn paywall

  24. Which always makes its suspicious to me that these articles hit the front page, as no one can actually read them.

  25. I always thought the argentines could probably have taken control of the islands by now if they would have just employed the strategy of winning over the islanders.

  26. Thing is, Argentina hasn't being doing well Domestically for a long time. Its kind of hard to win over the islanders when things are so bad domestically that they have to keep using the Falklands to distract from home issues.

  27. Russia doesn't give a fuck. They already got us to leave the EU, now we're just a shitty little island with no real power on the global stage.

  28. The UK economy is nearly twice the size of Russia's. They still have a permanent seat on the UN security council. And the UK has arguably more power on the world stage than Russia, which is only relevant because of its size, its oil & gas supplies & its nukes.

  29. I mean fuck anywhere that isn't Yorkshire tbf. Edit: (Obviously I'm not being serious)

  30. Yeah I used to do that. But to be honest I got fed up with having to spell stuff out for people that that can't work out when a comment is obviously tongue in cheek.

  31. You’re vastly overestimating how much hydrogen can be created using electrolysis and vastly underestimating how much hydrogen you need to do anything useful.

  32. What the fuck is wrong with people.

  33. Bienvenue en France! This is the nation that makes a parking space by bumping other peoples cars out of the way.

  34. It was a light hearted remark, not investigative journalism.

  35. depends how its designed, for example a wheel connected by arms to a non rotating central axis

  36. Seriously where are the plans for those rotating space stations I was promised in 2001: A space Odyssey?

  37. Seriously WTF is it with everyone on this thread trying to make it about Brexit.

  38. Just one of the prices paid for leaving the EU. Pretty much every choice we make costs us something, so I can't imagine many people are surprised.

  39. EU countries literally closed internal borders during the pandemic. Not everything has to be about Brexit.

  40. A plurality of the electorate voted to allow them to take bigger risks. The public cant then point fingers at the evil banks when presented with the bill for the consequences for what they themselves had wrought.

  41. I somehow doubt I would see you using the same line of reasoning to argue that as the public vote for the government, they should reap the financial rewards as well as the bill for the consequences.

  42. I feel like a lot of people would consider a model year 2010 car to be fairly new. It’s not like we’re talking about 80s shit boxes spewing every fluid as the go down the highway.

  43. Modern cars seem to stay 'newer' for longer. If that makes sense.

  44. I had a 15 year old Fiat that was like that. And while it sucked that it was always breaking down, the repair costs were actually quite low . I was devastated when the transmission had to be rebuilt …for $300 (maybe $1000 in todays dollars). When the engine threw a rod it cost me a whopping $1200

  45. I owned a Fiat for 2 years. It cost me more in repairs than almost any other car.

  46. We only have 40-50 years worth of oil left.

  47. Sorry my brains dead, walked home in snow from work so I’m just drained and I might not write in the most succinct or salient way.

  48. My girlfriend went through a big puddle in a rainstorm and that broke both front headlights on her newish VW Beetle. Cost of replacement was $5000. For two headlights! Insurance said that wasn't their fault and VW said to call insurance.

  49. I feel like a big puddle must be underselling it a little bit. I've driven through plenty of big puddles & indeed fords without any issues in various cars over the years. To break the headlights the car must have been almost underwater!

  50. The Nintendo 64 had nowhere near the amount of pioneering or movement compared to

  51. Maybe if you had a cutting edge PC. Being a young kid, at the time I had a hand me down old 386DX Amstrad laptop and a SNES.

  52. You're right, and the Koenigsegg actually accelerates a little faster than my Tesla with a much higher top speed. I would call it a toy for really rich people while the various Tesla models are practical, high performance cars for average to moderately well off people.

  53. I mean if acceleration is everything then you can budget build a car for less than either that would probably win down a quarter mile. It would be an awful car for everything else.

  54. The average US new car cost is around $43,000. The lowest cost Tesla Model 3 costs $40,690. Other models cost $46,090 and $54,690 today. (Note the humor hidden in the price numbers.) When European models are produced in Germany the local cost should be reduced. Too bad Great Britain isn't in the common market, though.

  55. The United States is a no-smoking nation. No smoking, no drinking, no drugs. No women - unless of course you're married. No guns, no foul language... no red meat.

  56. But this ban is in New Zealand. And one town in the US where you could easily just go one town over to buy smokes

  57. Its a movie quote from Lost in LA. I did think of changing the quote to NZ. But it was just a light hearted remark.

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