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Took these down on the way home today

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  1. Action ALWAYS speaks louder than words, George!

  2. I think the payoff is the intense, disorienting, jarring experience.

  3. Heard 3M, UHG, and cargill all have their own private jet fleet. So I guess they do have VIP service for some employees

  4. TARGET 🎯 also has their own fleet of private jets based at MSP as well.

  5. You have to be really, really high up the totem pole to use them. Target also keep your miles (you still get MQM’s) that are used for Make a Wish and Special Olympics.

  6. 🎯 Not necessarily really high, I know lower level exempts that have gotten to ride them for market visits, etc.

  7. She’s obsessed with the Hilton’s/Richards sisters and it’s beyond creepy at this point. It’s in a league of its own. I wouldn’t be surprised if in the future, they have to get the police involved. She is the type that would stalk someone just to get dirt on them. Creepiest housewife we’ve ever had imo.

  8. I hope they get rid of her. It’s not even good tv anymore. She’s sick.

  9. Lisa, talk to your doc, get yourself some better meds, and shut the fuck up!!!!

  10. I was curious too and watched more than you did, but I also didn’t finish the season. Watching felt more like a chore, so I gave up.

  11. A fashion show with no fashions!!!!!!!!

  12. Damn, I’m so sorry to read this. Our parks are going through hell lately, thanks to this kind of idiocy.

  13. Sadly it’s not just the parks. 😢 it’s our grocery stores, it’s our schools, it’s our movie theaters, it’s our churches, it’s our Fourth of July parades, it’s our music festivals, it’s our state fairs, and it seems to not be slowing down. 😢

  14. Will Smith always knew she was garbage. We should've taken notes.

  15. …now we know Will Smith is garbage too.

  16. …this is why ValleyFair ended ValleySCARE and the Halloween Haunt. I believe now it’s just a small event for kids/families which closes at 7pm. 😢

  17. You can order Live Rosin anytime here:

  18. We will absolutely see Michael on Big Brother again!!!!!!!

  19. Melt down in the house. Michael BLOW UP THEIR GAME!!!!

  20. Dude is so confused with all these conflicting stickers. Also, it’s always the shittiest old cars and trucks displaying this garbage.

  21. These people are sad and pathetic.

  22. God wins, Trump won??! 😂🤣😂. Fucking idiots.

  23. Cleotha Abston, the man charged in connection with the murder of a missing Memphis teacher, had previously served prison time for an aggravated kidnapping over 20 years ago, according to records from Shelby County Court and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations.

  24. I was stopped on the lift towards the top of Magnum XL 200 due to a rider having his phone out. They even sent a ride op up to scold the guy.

  25. 😂😂😂 “A MAGA Patriot” = An idiot clown 🤡

  26. Shocker!!!!! 😭😭😭 More lies and BS from the scared and desperate Republicans.

  27. Rinna getting more disgusting and pathetic with each passing day. Hurry up and go.

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