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  1. Also, remove all actives and niacinamide for now. Cool water washing w wash only one time a day, lightly moisturize and then barrier cream - good luck :)

  2. Avene cicalfate baiter repair cream gently patted into skin

  3. Need a bha. But you can start w a sulphur mask and/or soap and it’s gentle exfoliating properties will remove them without damaging barrier

  4. Tea tree shampoo a few time a week and SLS free shampoo conditioner for your regular washing

  5. I get the same thing in sams spot. I think it could be fungal - started using anti fungal and washing w sulphur soap (which is anti microbial)

  6. Ok I wanted to get clarity on that first. I'm actually in healthcare and nutrition, but before making concrete suggestions, could you tell me the exact birth control you've been taking? Because you need to identify whether its a testosterone (yes women have it, if its non existent because of certain BC pills then it wipes out sex drive in women), estrogen or progesterone imbalance. Because the different herbs and supplements affect different hormones, so knowing which one is affected by the type of BC will let you identify which ones to rebalance again. Also because of the prolonged BC, I think you might also be putting yourself in early menopause. Do you feel dry down there and any affects on your period or moods lately? Fibromyalgia is also an early symptom of that for some women.

  7. Wow what a wealth of information. I don’t even know where to start hahah i am also a 35 y/o female suffering w extremely low libido and energy. My man tries all the stops and is great in all aspects, it’s def me. I hope to feel healthier and resolve this ASAP.

  8. Hi, you can DM if you want to talk more but to answer your questions. My routine is actually

  9. What foundation did you switch to? I think my double wear might be contributing

  10. Do you use tap water to wash face? Are you still make up free? When you wear makeup is TO squalane cleanser helpful w removing makeup? If so, did you have to use a cloth or did it come off w cool water?

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