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  1. The celtics were not healthy.. Rob was playing on 1 leg and still terrorized the warriors in the paint. Smart was chasing around Curry on 2 different leg injuries, and tatum had his left wrist re injured by Giannis's reckless chasedown block and his shoulder injured during the heat series..

  2. I think Montrezl Harrell is the best back up center available pending the stupid drug charges, he is an offensive spark off the bench and i dont see how any teams bench could compete against a boston bench of Brogdon, White, Gallinari, Grant, Harrell, Prichard, We would have instant offense at all three positions with any of the three guards, Gallinari at the wing and Harrell at the 5 depending on matchup, plus Great defenders in Brogdon White and Grant. Signing Harrell would be huge for this team.

  3. Tatum Brown Horford Grant Gallinari will eat all our wing minutes with ease,

  4. obviously it is very early in their careers, but Lamelo and Scottie Barnes both seem overrated to me. they are both good players and potential stars, but their productivity has not nearly matched the level of hype they have received.

  5. The Lamelo hype is beyond insane to me.. they already cant play him at the end of games, I swear every time i saw the hornets on a run last year Lamelo would try to be a hero and take awful 3 point attempts and kill all of the hornets momentum.. he can be a great player but right now i dont get why people rank him so highly..

  6. I also remember the chronicler mentioning something about Kvothe and the Town Square.. could both be foreshadowing of the same situation

  7. Usually Sixers fans given the general Boston/Philly hatred but especially in basketball because they love Embiid and I find his style of play so hard to watch, plus they haven’t made it past the second round in years but they think they’re on the same level as us? Most trumped up “rivalry” I think we have

  8. Raptors fans think there is a rivalry even though we dont even recognize them :P ,

  9. Bucks fans loudly declaring that the outcome of the series/playoffs was null and void because Middleton was hurt was legitimately the dumbest thing I've ever heard and the absolute HEIGHT of whiney bullshit.

  10. i mean he would be the best player available if you left him off. would be an instant draft for an expansion team as someone to lead this new group of guys.

  11. The best tip ive gotten, Dont stop the game every time a ruling that you dont know the answer too comes up. Make a decision on the fly and let them know we are going to run it with this rule and than clarify the rule after the session. Speeds up the game a ton and keeps everyone in the game!

  12. Has anyone seen Bucher and Ballsack in the same room at the same time?

  13. Im guessing Ric Bucher's Andrologist has, but i dont think he can talk about it due to that being privileged information.

  14. People gunna hate me for this, But Damian Lillard has done nothing, yet somehow made the NBA TOP 75 of all time? He has barely any Accolades, no finals appearances, yet every HOF percentage i see has him high..

  15. Honestly when people slip up its funny.. Im Dming for the first time, and i wanted to tell my players that Granny Nightshade was Organizing the monsters in the forest.. What i said instead was "Granny Nightshade is Unionizing the Monsters in the forest"... que laughter from everyone talking about union busting.

  16. Lakers will be lucky if they get 30 wins this season. Unless if they somehow trade away Westbrook and get Kyrie.

  17. We gotta stop acting like Westbrook was the problem in LA.. look at their roster.. It was trash from top to bottom. lebron was hunting stats and was a pylon on defense, AD was on the bench for like half the season, Westbrook couldnt adjust to his new role, Half their roster from last season are still not signed to a team..

  18. Celtics were kinda a juggernaut that second half of the season. Kinda scary to think about what they could do over a whole season

  19. For real they took half the season to learn the new coaches defensive scheme than offensive scheme.. they will hit the ground running from day 1 this year with all the same major pieces back. Their defense is going to kill teams in the regular season when you dont really get to adjust.

  20. Bam will be 25 for the entirety of the next regular season. I'd stick him 4-8.

  21. you still high on him after the playoffs? Felt like bam was invisible out there most nights in the boston series..

  22. Yet he was the best defender on the court throughout the series and still averaged 15/8/3. Opinions are like arseholes and we all have one but watch the games and form your own man, popular narratives are just regurgitated arseholes in the end.

  23. Yeah, one of the main reasons Miami monumentally fell apart was because one of their key guys in Lowry basically had a busted hamstring. Supporting cast also began falling apart but Jimmy was still doing his thing

  24. People keep saying that boston wouldnt have beat the bucks if middleton was healthy, but boston was just as injured.. honestly losing different guys throughout the series is harder to plan for than knowing someone is out the whole time.. Boston was playing hurt too.. Tatum was injured, Smart was injured, Browns leg injury was still lingering, Rob williams was injured.. Boston won that series by +55.. We were closer to boston winning in 5 than Bucks winning in 7.. Boston lost two games by a single possession and won every game they won by double digits..

  25. My theory is that Denna is also looking for information related to the Amyr/Chandrian and that’s why they run into each other so often

  26. i mean she is writing a story that we've been told is the start of the chandrian and Amyr so it makes sense,

  27. Right. I feel like she has a traumatic story from childhood just like Kvothe and we’ll find out her motivation for pursuing said knowledge in book 3.

  28. Could be interesting if the Amyr killed her family, they use to have the power to do it without consequence, if the amyr are the bad guys in her eyes it will make the two of them at odds again.

  29. Dwight didn't beat Bron, idk why people say this like the game is 1 on 1. LeBron was BY FAR the best player on the court that series, but the Cavs shooters went cold and Rashard and Turkoglu won't nuclear from deep. That might literally be LeBrons best playoff series of all time, he went 38.5/8.3/8, and in no world was Dwight better than him. The Magic were better than the Cavs.

  30. Untill Embiid gets out of the second round we are not entertaining discussions of him being a top 10 center of all time.

  31. Maybe, but their Résumé’s aren’t far off. Embiid is just an all around better and player. I think the reason his resume is somewhat lesser is because he is playing in a tougher era.

  32. Dwight Howard: 8x all star, 5x Rebound champ, 2x block champ, NBA Champion, 8x All NBA, All rookie team, 5x All Defensive team, 3x DPOY

  33. Reading Book 2 will make so much more of book 1 amaze you.. There are so many hidden things in there that you dont pick up on your first read through. absolutely read book 2.

  34. you cant take in Embiids bad runs and ignore Traes last playoffs. Im a huge embiid hater but there is no argument for taking Trae over Embiid.

  35. Seeing every single star or free agent in a lakers jersey as those delusional fans claim they are getting everyone under the sun..

  36. If Simmons plays that’ll help them a lot. His impact on defense will be huge since they don’t really have many perimeter defenders or a paint presence and he does a bit of both on defense. Also will be a a great connecting piece on offense to make it easier for KD and Kyrie

  37. i mean yea simmons will help but they lost Bruce brown so they are not just getting the value of simmons added to their last years roster..

  38. Ok so imagine they're trading Bruce Brown for an All-NBA caliber DPOY contender, I think they're still (theoretically) coming out ahead.

  39. yes they got a bit better.. but they got swept by boston and boston improved just as much as they did

  40. in 5e healing is only useful when someone goes down. use spells like spiritual weapon that give you multiple attacks out of 1 spell slot, use buffs and debuffs, save spell slots for spells when teammates hit 0. thats it :)

  41. One of my players Streams our sessions, its my first time dming so i didnt want to stream it myself, but it has worked great for notes. Need to remember a name, flip back to the episode and scroll through.

  42. if Middleton wasnt injured the Bucks would have won in 5

  43. this is honestly said way to often and really isnt true, Boston won the series by a total of +55. two of their three losses were by one possession. All while Boston was playing with an Injured Smart, Injured Rob, Injured Tatum, Horford missed a game, White missed a game. This series was closer to boston winning in 5 than the bucks winning in 7..

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