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  1. I don’t think he’s top 5 in the league right now despite being the MVP.

  2. Regular season Embiid is top 5 because teams dont game plan for embiid as much in the regular season so he feasts. Come playoff time you are right he falls down a tier or two.

  3. No he’s not, and I think we need a starter. Al is getting old and I honestly don’t think rob can start unless it’s next to another big, he’s not disciplined enough on defense and and defensive rebounding

  4. i think rob could start next to grant. Grant can take the defensive assignments banging bodies and rob can help defend. grant can space the floor while rob lobs,

  5. He does drop 2 potions at each arrow of his health bar... i had to kite him around a rock for 20 minutes to solo kill him with my sorcerer.. loot was not worth the time and terror it took :P

  6. Unironically Simmons may be solid cuz he doesn’t have to score he can just focus on defense and passing

  7. Miami was more coaching, GS was more players like Poole Wiggins and Steph playing above their normal level

  8. We gotta give Mazzulla a year.. this wasnt his coaching staff,, multiple coach guys are leaving this year to follow Ime.. so he didnt have a great environment. He should get some good bench coaches to help him out next year and lets just hope we stay healthy!

  9. Mazzulla seems very smart I just hope he gets his head out of his a$$. The best coaches aren’t stubborn with their gameplan

  10. There are rumors that Silas and Vogel could be joining the coaching staff.. if he gets two previous headcoaches on his staff he will be just fine.

  11. They always call him celtic homer, but he is very critical of his team. He has one of the most popular podcasts, so there will be some hate regardless. I enjoy listening to him though, and I do value his historic perspectives, because he has followed the nba for centuries now.

  12. I swear i never hear him talk about boston unless its an episode on them.. like he makes quick references to them alot because they are what he knows best but i dont get the homerism take,

  13. I mean its just use what you know right, he watched the celtics more so their examples come to mind first, but i can agree with that assessment.

  14. You can’t. Your guard must have a lil offense. There’s many times Smart has wide open shots and brick em. Other guards would knock those in

  15. I guess coaches really do have better insight than redditors.

  16. When you are playing the heat you dont disclose injuries.. they are dirty and hack at guys with injures.

  17. We are rumored to be signing two former head coaches to our bench, Prichard wants a bigger role, flip him and gallo for a back up wing that can hit 3s. Resign grant. Run it back.

  18. I could've sworn i heard reggie literally say Caleb was his MVP during the broadcast

  19. he fouled tatum with 33 seconds left while boston was up 1... would have put them up 3.

  20. Seemed like a good no call in real time, but I guess they could've called it if they wanted boston to win it

  21. the report confirmed it was a missed call.. Butler was getting free throws on way less contact ALL series..

  22. At least Embiid was playing elite defense and actual scored 30 a bunch unlike Adebagless

  23. The only way this happens is Harden walks and Embiid demands he be sent to miami

  24. Perfectly legal block if you ignore Robinsons legs clipping Browns legs.

  25. Heat fans will scream and cry that this is clean but then see nothing wrong with tatum cleanly blocking jimmy only for them to call a foul for LESS contact down low than on this play...

  26. Defensive 3 seconds never called... Martin was in the paint for 4 seconds twice on this play... only reason he was close enough to block it...

  27. What are people complaining about here... every player does that "pushoff" tatum clearly got hacked on the arm on the way up,.. just because he sold it doesnt change the fact it was a foul... Jimmy does the same thing but he drives into the guy then jumps up for free throws instead of jumping back like tatum did for space..

  28. Are you serious? Guy literally falls out of bounds and gets out on the line.Watch the fucking game before speaking.

  29. Tatum got pushed out of bounds.. they always call those weak pushes when it sends someone out of bounds.. Bam has gotten that call multiple times going baseline... The contact it takes for tatum to get a whistle is a lot greater than the contact it takes for jimmy to get a whistle.. that is a fact..

  30. Al did not sell on that last play.... Al was in great position to guard him until jimmy double dribbled and took 3 more steps to get space that made Al scramble and recover.. AL WAS RIGHT THERE on his first dribble move and stop.

  31. Al did such a great job, if he just pulls his hands back and lets Jimmy shoot after the initial defense, there's no way he's hitting that shot.

  32. al horford is a winner and team leader and a massive hole to fill once he retires

  33. I did... Marcus smart is the worst shooter in the NBA that i trust with a game winning shot..

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