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A glowing commendation for all to see

  1. Daniel is definitely the more mature one out of all of them, and apparently the trip did not go well as Ronald was texting his ex-girlfriend and getting money from her while Tiffany was there

  2. Honestly it probably is and always was Wolf. All this nonsense is to keep there forever shrinking audience interested. Her and Khloes hide and go seek their baby's faces is just transparent and fucken boring at this point.

  3. No need lots of ppl will. But we all can agree they do not have the same numbers and appeal as there old show. They are at a all time low and that is enough for me. Lol

  4. There’s no way the numbers are any where decent they were barely clearing a million viewers on E! before the end they were being lapped by Love After Lockup and 90 Day Fiance

  5. It's just a big ad campaign for all their products now. Mixed in with Kourtney and Travis tongues 🙄

  6. I never even considered your first point. Imagine wanting to stick it to Kim so hard, she has to pay you?!

  7. To be fair, the guy in the pic, Olivier Rousteing, suffered severe burns to his face & upper body from a fireplace explosion back in 2020.

  8. Yes and I've tried to find this so many times but every Alice in Wonderland comes up except this one. Does anyone remember the year?

  9. It’s too bad they destroyed the unsold copies due to a lawsuit by Pixar. Loved this game.

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