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My friend’s 9 year old wrote this poem for school and her parents were called in to talk about it because it upset everyone

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Mom is the prom dress I choose really that bad? My boyfriend hates it and I’m starting to think he’s right. I spent a lot of money and I’m starting to regret it.

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  1. Make the statement about you, as in, “I don’t like to be touched” instead of “YOU make me uncomfortable”. I spent a couple semesters studying the psychology of interpersonal relationships, additionally my fiancé has had to deal with this a bit and that’s what he tells people. By using an “I” statement you make the issue about you, it’s a way to de escalate verbal tension and send a clear message.

  2. There’s a science fiction book called Ministry for the Future that outlines climate disaster scenarios based on current research. Imagine a heatwave in India that lasts one week, but during that one week the temperature doesn’t fall below 120F, even at night. Cities of millions of people begin to lose power, the elderly begin to die, people migrate to rivers and streams and just sit in them to survive. At the end of the heatwave, over 2 million people are dead. Because of this, the Indian government takes drastic action and detonates an atomic bomb in the upper atmosphere which blocks out the sun for several years, a ploy that succeeds in lowering global temperatures for nearly 7 years. In the same decade, the United States experiences a similar heatwave in the southwest and Midwest which kills over a hundred thousand in under a week… in the years that follow, climate terrorism becomes a factor, where commercial airliners using fossil fuels are blown up by activists demanding action on climate change. After dozens of planes are blown up, the airline industry transitions almost immediately to electric planes, which are not targeted by climate terrorists… and so on. This book is supposed to take place in the near to medium term, so like 2075-2100.

  3. Hearing how hot it it in India the past couple days, I keep having flashbacks to the opening scene of the book. I also read and then re-read The Sheep Look Up by John Brunner and although it’s fiction it reads as nearly truth. Also SEED by Rob Ziegler. Monsanto creates ultra-climate resistant crops and in doing so becomes a company more powerful than the government.

  4. {{The House In The Cerulean Sea}} T.J. Klune

  5. They are so beautiful! They accentuate the lovely tone and texture of your skin and look like a constellation.

  6. Beauty of joseon, purito, isntree watery sun gel, canmake mermaid sungel

  7. can make mermaid sun gel has zero white cast and I love it.

  8. This was a real treat to watch, thanks!

  9. Not the guy you replied to but a lot of North Shore in Oahu can do it, like Waimea, Sunset, etc. When you aren't ready for an incoming wave you really have no control, and it's exhausting trying to regain control if you fight it. These waves will slam you into the ground fast and hard and if you're rolling in the waves, you're gonna hit at a weird angle.

  10. As a kid in Oahu I def heard people call the north shore ‘breakneck beach’.

  11. Awesome! Pup knows a good tune when she hears one!

  12. Interesting! I didn't even know there were different types of snow. We do get pretty severe hail storms where I'm from, so at least the overall cold atmosphere after a heavy hail must be relatively similar (I even remember building hailmen with friends), but yeah, snow is like a completely surreal thing to me. Thanks for the insight!

  13. In Co they called these light fluffy little balls of snow ‘grackle’. Wasn’t hail, sleet, or snowflakes.

  14. I think beyond what it feels like, one of the interesting traits of snow, when it's not a hellish whirlwind like this video, is that it absorbs sound. So after a snowstorm it's tranquil and quiet, with little sparkles in the snow when you catch it in the right light. When you're not stuck out in it, snow can be super pretty and calming.

  15. In CO I heard the sparkly snow called ‘champagne snow’. When the sun hits just right, the snow has rainbow sparkles. It is truly lovely and looks like the ground is covered in crystals.

  16. Where my SO worked, the company would specify a very specific $$ amount to donate, THEN they would run the donation campaign. After the specific donation amount is met, the company KEEPS THE REST $$!

  17. {Aurora by Kim Stanley Robinson} is one of my all time favourite books. Not as funny as Weir but checks a lot of the same boxes.

  18. I just read it. I loved it. My first foray into a story with a generational ship. I like his writing style.

  19. No need for awards, I'm happy when I can make somebody smile.

  20. When the World’s Fair asked Picasso for a piece on technology, Guernica was his submission. I believe no one had ever been fire bombed from the air before the tragedy & that inspired his depiction.

  21. I have this book, "Oceans of Kansas, A Natural History of the Western Interior Sea," about an earlier sea in the middle of the continent. It's pretty cool and an eye opener.

  22. I’ve read a couple really good “fiction” books about climate, public health, and global diplomacy.

  23. Fuck Phyllis Schlafly and everything she stood for

  24. Maybe once they measure radiation, but it's not a very large amount of radiation that's going to move

  25. 3.6 roentgens. That’s as high as this thing goes….

  26. A rhino stands on the plain, dehorned, surrounded by grasses. He must be disfigured to hopefully save his life. He is noble and reduced.

  27. The same Israel that is practically siding with the genocidal, civilian-killing fascist named Putin because...Syria?

  28. There’s so much 5th century & other Syrian heritage that was destroyed.

  29. The delusion is real. It’s almost like a mass hysteria event. The moral panic fueling this has been building up for decades. Evangelical Christians and other religious types (Pat Boone, Jerry Falwell, Tammy Faye and Jim Bakker) created an agenda to infiltrate law enforcement, as well as local, state, and the federal government. Things like the prosperity gospel (Creflo Dollar, Joel Osteen) were touted as truly biblical when they are thinly veiled justifications for unfettered greed. As it has been stated in this very thread: “you can’t argue with someone who believes they are doing “gods” work”

  30. My SO tells my pup River to go find me when they get home from a walk. He’ll say ‘Did you go on a walk?! Go tell mommy!’ River zooms in and I ask him how his walk went. He’s always so proud. Usually I walk him, but the SO does when he can and it’s so cute.

  31. He looks like if Karkaroff was Headmaster of Beauxbatons

  32. If Rasputin was an indie singer/songwriter.

  33. The intensive care unit (1977) J G Ballard

  34. You look very pretty in the dress. The fit and the color are so flattering, and the dress is classic and timeless. I think you picked the right gown & you could totally wear it again! I hope you post some pics from prom night for us to gush over.

  35. The drought map is not looking good for Texas this early in the season. We also need to talk about Texas' methane emissions . The Permian basin oil field is now considered as one of the largest greenhouse gas emitters on the planet.

  36. Atmospheric methane has an 84x greater global warming potential than atmospheric CO2. It doesn’t persist as long in the atmosphere as CO2 but for the first 20 years methane persists in the atmosphere it retains so much more heat.

  37. 84 times. Per unit mass, it traps 84x as much heat as CO2 over a 20 year period, and it's frontloaded for more immediate warming. Not 84%.

  38. My bad, thanks for clarifying. Orders of magnitude greater than my mistaken statement.

  39. It’s not an excuse, I’m just pointing out that saying “both sides are bad” is easier than using nuance, judgement, and diplomacy to illustrate how it’s impossible for both sides to be the same.

  40. & the suspected kidnapping of many of the Ukrainian women and children who weren’t able to get out of Mariupol. I don’t have the words to express how horrifying and evil this is.

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