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  1. It wouldn’t shock me. Boros was a saiyan parody and meteoric burst was a ssj3 parody.

  2. The one where he is trying to kill a mosquito in his balcony.

  3. One thing you can do is put even the bare minimum amount of effort into using punctuation in your title. I’m getting so fucking sick of having decipher this bullshit punctuation-free posting style.

  4. Let’s say he hypothetically got a cyber P. Considering how he still eats and drinks and FEELS things, could he bust a nut? And if so, how would it work?

  5. Can Genos experience post but clarity??? Burning questions for ONE to answer

  6. I’d love this. People might think it’s boring but I’d love to see Saitama’s daily routine throughout them 3 years, especially wondering how he managed to buy food when he didn’t have a job for several years

  7. Because the narrative said Saitama wasn't going to hold back, which basically means that he went all out

  8. He only said that after he got launched to io so he didn’t have to worry about collateral damage with earth anymore

  9. Unfortunately Saitama couldn’t enjoy his moment when garou could still fight after taking his full power.

  10. I wouldn’t say full power since Saitama was never trying to kill Garou, even after Genos died

  11. It was full power, saitama said it himself. Also, You can fight at full power without killing someone. He was still growing and out pacing garou with one arm tho.

  12. Well that’s another reason I wouldn’t say he was fighting at full power since like you said he was fighting with one arm the entire time so I can’t see how that’s considered full power

  13. Thank you for telling who it was so I could avoid the link. Seth (probably) isn't a pedo, but he is a piece of shit that doesn't deserve my views

  14. Yeah STP is a piece of shit to put it lightly. No doubt his brain dead followers will still support him

  15. I always had a feeling that he was lowkey narcissistic because of the way he handles collab videos, but I'd never expected him to be that bad

  16. Same I’ve always known he was a douche and it wasn’t a character but I didn’t think he was THAT much of a degenerate behind the scenes, even for anime community standards

  17. Buu couldn't teleport, he flew there. The very closest star to us is 4 light years away. Hundreds of planets in less than a decade is extremely fast. Goku fucked up by teaching him instant transmission and making him like ten thousand times as fast at destroying planets.

  18. Bruh what 💀?? Aren’t DB characters meant to be way beyond light speed? He should’ve been able to destroy FAAAAAAAAR more than a couple hundred planets in several years. Also my entire point was that if kid buu was galaxy level (he’s not, not even close) then he should’ve been able to wipe out a galaxy in ONE attack, he shouldn’t have needed to travel to planets one by one and destroy them, yet he did. Also instant transmission only works by locking onto a specific Ki source, so no, Goku giving Kid Buu instant transmission didn’t do anything for his damage potential since Kid Buu would’ve needed to lock onto each planet’s life source teleport there.

  19. The odds of what, exactly? The odds of being a movie star? Phenomenally low. But I honestly don't want to be a movie star. I just like the idea of being a working actor, and that's actually not a terribly hard thing to achieve.

  20. I’m saving this. Very inspiring comment that puts things into perspective

  21. Agree. If Goku started full power MUI he would one shot Saitama( at his current level now which is Galaxy-buster), but it's not in his character so he could end up making it a competitive fight

  22. Yeah no that’d never happen. We don’t even know if Saitama could take damage and would be WAAAAAAAAAAY out of character to get one shot lmfao

  23. Yeah, he doesn’t follow and breaks the rules even of his own verse and

  24. I somehow just now realised the butt chin kid Saitama saved from crablante is right next to him lol

  25. Super perfect cell is solar system leave and cosmic garou only attains that when he copies saitama

  26. When Garou first transformed into cosmic Garou he used a gammer ray burst and irl they can wipe out solar systems but Saitama jumped into it to negate the blast.

  27. I mean I guess you can make that argument but the GRB we see garou use isn’t even as big as the earth

  28. What surprises me is that Saitama lacked speed to get there, he is casually faster than Sonic, than Flashy, than Boros, than Blast, he shouldn't have been too slow to save that car.

  29. It’s not that deep bro. Things like that happen all the time in fiction, especially with characters like the flash

  30. I just realised Fubuki could’ve legit used her powers to stop Saitama falling but she didn’t lmao. Probably from shock but still

  31. From what I gathered, Clyde exposed him? The same Clyde that Seth worked with on Naruto vs Ichigo and other stuff?

  32. Yeah and Seth took all the donations for the project and never refunded anyone and just tried to sweep it under the rug

  33. Hey have you got any social media? Your story is very inspiring to me and would love to follow you

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