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  1. yellow = (blue dot pawn_forward) * pawn_forward

  2. dot product returns float value. so, yellow vector should be (blue dot pawn_forward) * pawn_forward.

  3. you are completely right! I totally forgot that was part of it! Thank you for the correction!

  4. If you look at it from a Functional Harmony perspective you'll find that labeling it this way, shows you a more traditional progression in how each chord follows from the previous. And this means we can better relate it to what we already know.

  5. P.s. You probably could make it work even in the way you described, but it would require more work because of what we are used to hear I think. As all things music in the end theory is not it's not the be all and end all

  6. I've said that to everyone else already (lol). I think what happens in my ears is, I'm very used to rock/metal songs *in minor* with that Am-Am-F-G progression (like Stairway To Heaven after the solo), so I guess it's my acquired taste that makes me prefer ending on Am rather than F-G-C. Even moreso if the particular song hasn't established a C at any point beforehand.

  7. Certainly the fact that you are used to rock and metal will influence how you would interpret it. Given this background another useful resource that you could use for 4 chords loop progression would be this

  8. *gets grabbed and insta-dies*

  9. I mean some of these really are realistic lmao. Favourite one is It is the Mornign. Good Morning! btw

  10. Mate, there is already a Rei Chiquita in the Irish Flag

  11. We saw, but we can always have another one and the design is pretty different

  12. Not really, we are just a rei chiquita enjoyers :)

  13. I don't think that's such a big issue. Just look at how a lot of jazz, at the basic level, is just the same chord progression in different keys, yet many songs still sound so different!

  14. Bro you deserve money more than Nintendo for real. Have you ever released anything?

  15. bro the album art is so 𝘵𝘳𝘪𝘱𝘱𝘺 and nice track too

  16. Please I love this make more music

  17. best song I ever heard on this subreddit, no cap bro

  18. Loved it. Very relaxing vibe.

  19. Thank you! Really appreciate you took your time to llisten to our music!

  20. I think the song is a lot of fun! Good job! It has a lot of really original ideas!

  21. Always haply to support good music! Keep going on!

  22. Really love your stuff! I'm a big Eva fan and I think your music captured a lot of the feelings of it! Hope to hear more from you soon!

  23. It's 🥺 so 😏 easy 😁 you 😜 just 😉 have 🧐 to 😵 believe 🤩

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