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  1. It's also no longer legitimate in the sense that the decisions they are making don't reflect the views and desires of the majority of the people, overwhelmingly in many cases, and the same is true of Congress. Is the US doing democracy or something else - because that would be something else. (I understand that ship sailed but they claim it's a democracy.)

  2. This absolutely affects all women including wealthy women.

  3. They don't have a plan or vision for any of their demands. That's the problem. They just want things to happen, never saying how.

  4. That's not true. Other than this one, which is notably not mentioned on their webpage, their demands are clear and actionable with time and even dollar amounts given.

  5. Their demands are. The how they are to be implemented is not. It's easy, for example, to demand price controls and fair prices. But it needs a subsidy if the producer is to be paid more and the people are to pay less. How is this subsidy to be financed? Taxes? They say no, it's unfair to the people. Loans? No, the FMI and International Banks are evil. Just price controls? Have always failed miserably.

  6. I don't know the rest of this story but I know there is more to it because three separate cars ran into protesters. Don't be so quick to judge, people.

  7. Agreed. When do we start rioting tho? Jk... unless..

  8. If anyone is interested, The Red Nation podcast got into this a bit today. A key takeaway for me was even though it’s pink and not red, power in several countries is tilting left (Honduras, Chile, Columbia). More left countries = more left influence in a region with fierce, hard right opposition.

  9. I promise not to pick apart your opinion or gotcha you on any disagreements. My understanding is he’s a social democrat who is in a position of not being able to make any moves at all unless he works with the far right. I don’t know a lot about the political situation, and was like, what in the world is he saying? We have to end exploitation so we’re gonna use capitalism as a gateway. And everyone is excited about this? Yikes. But I’m not in that position, I’m not a social democrat, I’m not a president in a very difficult place with difficult to grab opportunities…

  10. Remember when someone said the grass companies in the valley shouldn’t be allowed to do this to us? I think about this whenever I’m squirting allergy medicine directly into my nasal orifice.

  11. Uhhh... definitely including Yachats if you know your history.

  12. I do not, unfortunately. I’ve had a difficult time finding in-depth information except for one really excellent site. I grew up in Maryland and find Oregon history to be kind of opaque. I kept asking people about the Chinese workers and people were like, huh? The tale I’ve heard is that Yachats has uniquely overcome the curse but I don’t know why (and of course we’re talking about curses so it’s a little silly but I’m still curious).

  13. It was the slogan of a promotional effort on the part of the local chamber of commerce. Even then it was mocked by some, including then Governor Mark Hatfield who countered with his own version: "20 Miserable Miles". This set off a firestorm of protest from locals that were angry with the Governor, a major cause celebre at a time, to wit:

  14. Thought they were expressing empathy towards themselves when they said “I feel your pain so much”. I suppose they were referring to the OP, my bad.

  15. I was responding to myself but to be fair I do have communication ... problems lol (like to add more)

  16. This is what I would use to satirize my US education except it's for real

  17. I had questions like "Why are unions outdated?" and they were multiple choice, so no room for nuance or dissent. I feel your pain so much.

  18. They exist all along trails and campgrounds. You can look into ideas if you're passionate about the issue

  19. Trash cans were my first thought too. I am just stunned that these people don't have anywhere to put trash but *trash cans* are off the table and more criminalization is on the table. I think it actually betrays some true intentions and people should just own that shit.

  20. The cruelty is the point. Kids who think bullying a gay kid will make them straight turn into adults who think bullying the unhoused will make them buy a house 🤷🏻‍♀️

  21. I think as conditions worsen, we're going to see more of this (unless this was venting but oooeee ... I don't think so), more of a turn toward authoritarian impulses, carceral "solutions"

  22. I’ll look into it!

  23. Naked people warning (or actually just a heads up lol)

  24. Welding sucks as an occupation. It is hazardous as far what you breath in. It all depends really as to what aspect of welding/ iron working your doing. If your standing buildings, you risk being crushed, falling, ect... in a shop your have minimal fresh air to breath, grinding dust , gas fumes. There are companies that protect against that, but I've only seen 1 in twenty plus years. I have never known a welder, other than pipeliners in the oil fields make anywhere close to 100k a year. We always joked that we get an excellent wage, for 1990.

  25. This is a shame because it’s actually quite artistic (and of course critically important) work imo


  27. Annnd in with the fallacies. You can't attack the argument so you attack the platform representing it. Let's dial that back.



  30. I wish leftists (particularly leftist men, really) would stop engaging with feminism only in “X feminism is wrong - gotcha!!!” and actually engage with (read) feminist thought. I don’t see anything here that feminists wouldn’t be open to.

  31. To elaborate: The only thing that has ever worked has been to make them wholly unwelcome. Punk rockers and other antifascists had to beat the shit out of them, toss them out of public spaces and be unflinchingly uncompromising about this. No fascists. Ex-fascists and maybe Buddhist monks can try to reason with them if they want but sweet-talking people out of genocide is not our job, not effective, and not an appropriate response to that threat. As an individual you can only do what you’re comfortable with. Throw eggs at them, give them the finger, whatever, but ignoring them sends a message to the members of our community who are targeted by them that 1) we are utterly oblivious to history and what this ideology actually is and 2) we aren’t personally affected so whatevs

  32. Giving them the finger is fine. Ignoring fascists doesn’t make them go away.

  33. (There are actually five videos in this series.)

  34. This is the most adorable thing I've seen in ages




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