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  1. I have heard of Bruno Pinto, José Lorenzo and Bruno Jocobovski what do you think

  2. I’ve never heard of Bruno J! I’ll have to look him up

  3. Ferreira in Portugal comes up a lot

  4. Thank you. I’ve seen his name a lot especially with Rolandas case

  5. I don’t really watch UF but have always respected the program. Are any of these guys that still have eligibility a massive loss? Texas A&M is loosing about everyone but likes to claim they were all 3rd strings so didn’t know if that is the same for UF or some guys were very valuable and are leaving unexpectedly

  6. How long does it take histamine to detox out the body?

  7. Get good gains? I’ve heard over time extensors only get you so much before hanging and vac come into play so would this device give you an inch or so if used correctly?

  8. Search "penis vacuum extender" on Aliexpress

  9. Sure did. My buddy IRL who doesn't even know I had a HT mentioned to me just this past weekend that it saved his scalp too. He just randomly brought it up in conversation and thanked me for suggesting it to him. I don't even remember when that conversation happened. Says when he runs out of it, he feels it right away. So I'd imagine his scalp condition is worse than mine. We are in our mid/late 40's. Skin changes with time. We've both used stuff like Selsum Blue and Head & Shoulders with not much luck in the past. Hair conversations come up from time to time over the years.

  10. You mix nizoral with other shampoos or just lather it with a pea size? That’s my problem is 2-3 pea sizes of it doesn’t seem to lather for me

  11. I don't do any mixing. But you can give that a whirl to dilute the 2% stuff you are using down.

  12. Thanks. I’ll just focus on 2% twice a week and Johnson’s baby shampoo every other day! Hopefully it gets rid of all the inflammation and dry itch up there

  13. Saw results quickly after cutting out sugar and gluten, vitamin c from ordinary also helped a lot. I really recommend trying this

  14. What do you eat now like mainly meats/rice/etc. I know it is easy to avoid sugar but sometimes hard to know exactly what is the best route for diet

  15. My mom swore up and down that she fixed my sister's issue with this by having her take folic acid supplements. You might check into that!

  16. I don’t really see it. I think it is just the muscle. Don’t change a thing!

  17. Are those permanent or they shift/shrink with time?

  18. You can stay in denial, I’ll enjoy my high IQ and swift thinking. I damn near can move shit with my mind, not if I was on fin.

  19. Oh okay. I respect that. Ya there are still other options that are very good. Taking finasteride is never a must even if it does help. Hopefully they come out with something better in the future.

  20. Did you ask this recently? I thought their prices increased

  21. Dr. Rafael De Freitas in Spain. His results speak for themselves. Look him up on YouTube.

  22. I’ve been wondering that for awhile. His results are incredible but are fibers used at all in the after photos? Also what is his level with donor management?

  23. I use fibers and I personally don’t believe his patients use them in there YouTube videos, but I can’t say for sure. He has a long wait of well over a year. I know this because I’m on the waiting list myself and will be traveling to Spain from the US in January 2024 for my own procedure with him. His results are incredible and I believe he was trained by Couto. I narrowed my choices to him and Hasson & Wong, but after further research, and an in-person consultation with H&W, I quickly realized they are no longer the best of the best and decided on Freitas.

  24. I’d like to ask more about him. I’ll send a dm

  25. Have you reached out to them at all? Or just kind of gauging experiences from others? I haven’t heard of them but it appears they have good results from my brief search. I assume they are expensive

  26. I called the office and one of the things I inquired about was seeing more photos of genioplasty results. They basically said they didn’t have any photos and to look on Reddit for examples

  27. Hmm. They should have some photos. Most clinics have tons of photos

  28. I don’t see why not. I had a septoplasty/rhinoplasty and otoplasty simultaneously. My surgeon said it’s not only possible but also desirable to do them together so I could have one recovery period instead of two. Also, I was given a discount for doing them at the same time. So if your surgeon is ok with it, I would have those procedures at the same time. I can’t think of any reason why your surgeon would reject doing them together unless the number of hours would be too long and separating is absolutely necessary.

  29. Who was your surgeon? They seem like someone I’d love to have surgery with

  30. Any fibers being used? If not then wow. This clinic hit a homerun for 4 months

  31. Try derma - e shampoo. I had this acne on my scalp too much worse than this. Ive been using this shampoo for almost a year and it clears up almost all thr breakouts on my scalp. I work on a semiconductor and have to wear hairnets and hoodie but the shampoo really helps a lot.

  32. My bf had this all over until we finally got a filtered showered head & he started using a dandruff shampoo

  33. Go look up the horror stories that Chalene Johnson has brought to light about Dr. Mowlavi. Terrifying.

  34. At this rate I don’t know if vaser is worth it. I scar easily so any doctor would probably scar me. I’ll just eat healthy and do abs

  35. Dr Manolis Heliotis. Not always the most tactful man, but certainly very skilled

  36. Sad thing is it should never be like that. Just goes to show how out of hand money has come in healthcare!

  37. My nutrition specialist says that Ketogenic diet is the most useful diet for PCOS. If you have another health issues, it will be great if you go to Nutrition Clinic, and see what diet is the best for you. I wish we all become healthy💗

  38. What exactly is the ketogenic diet? Like of course the internet has its definition but for you what do you eat on it?

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