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Quick take on the Caption Thread: No hate! I'm guilty of 80%+ of these myself

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  1. Imagine G being treated like Gagne was... think people would demand snider sell they team?

  2. Ukraine should ask Afghanistan for military equipment, they just came into a whole shit ton of it.

  3. nolan patrick scored tonight ..... just trying to comment on shit i guess

  4. Well, glad to hear he's playing again

  5. Looks like our last regulation win, 6-1 vs NJ. We had 2 more OT wins vs the Kraken and Sens

  6. That was a fun few minutes of having a lead, maybe next time we can try and hold a lead for a whole period before giving it up

  7. Does Yeo still have absolutely baffling line usage? I remember being angry a lot in 2017 when he would throw the 4th line out for an o zone faceoff in a tie game.

  8. In his defense, when your 1c, 2c, 3/4c and your alternate 4c are all out injured your lines no longer matter.

  9. So we have Fletcher, Yeo, Torchetti, and Nick Schultz running the team. All former Wild guys during a time when the Wild were mediocre at best. Terrific.

  10. The sad part is 'mediocre at best' would be a huge improvement on the season...

  11. On the cusp of setting a franchise record for losing games straight, the team reaffirms that Yeo is their guy this year.

  12. Hiring a new coach right now wouldn't make too much sense, unless they've had a guy they definitely want who is currently available. More guys will be available by the years end and the incoming coach would have a better idea of what this team is going to be after the trade deadline.

  13. Who's getting the hatty? Krebs, Tage, or both?

  14. So, I was in Baghdad, Saddam's presidential palace in the green zone. Basement of the palace is where we lived, there was a sealed off area that we couldn't access, so bored one night we broke into it by climbing through the air ducts. It was just a room full of luggage and personal belongings, if I had to guess it was the personal effects of civilians who had died there. Among everything I found an unlabeled CD, snagged it with a couple other things. Later that night we loaded that bad boy up in a boombox at the duty desk at about 3am, ends up being

  15. ATBN at the time, but it eventually changed over to 2/9

  16. Imagine waiting decades for a franchise goalie and this is the team in front of him...

  17. I'm interested in seeing how low they can go.

  18. Congrats guys, we did it. I'd like the thank all my fellow Flyers fans who have suffered with me watching two different 10 game losing streaks. All I can say is there's still time for a third.

  19. can the high and wides make it TEN in a row? stay tuned and find out!

  20. Am I crazy or do they actually look like a professional hockey team right now...

  21. Also, agent orange doesn't affect people, gulf war syndrome isn't a thing, and burn pits are perfectly safe.

  22. Don't forget that 2hour lunch break when you're not in the field. Could grab lunch, watch an episode of whatever show I was in the middle of and still have time for a nap.

  23. Wtf? Officer type? At the Squadron level in the Wing, at best, like coming off a MEU best, we had enough time to sit down and eat at the chow hall…a few times a week. Usually the best would be fast lane chow that you could go pick up yourself, normally it was fast chow that a PFC picked up for the shop…that is now cold. Common was bag nasties, worst times would be bag nasties that were found on the Mighty Might that no one would figure out if it was from night crew/day crew. MREs for typhoons were actually rated right above the bag nasties from the Mighty Might, if memory serves.

  24. Infantry, was a radioman in 2/9. Didn't matter if I was attached to a platoon or stuck at the comm shop, we got time for chow. I always just assumed it was the norm.

  25. Girl goes to bed, I throw on a movie I've seen a dozen times but love, she gets up to go to the bathroom and see's I'm watching a movie, makes a comment about how I wait till she goes to bed to watch a movie, I know but don't say how if I suggested we watched the movie I put on she'd shoot it down claiming how I've seen it so many times and we should watch something new.

  26. Biggest weakness of this season were Dee and Dennis becoming charactectures of themselves in the Ireland episodes.

  27. Why are we so afraid to just say we never killed anyone. I was in a super hot ao but never ever saw a motherfucker shooting at me… only ever got sniped at or blown up, then shoot into the tree line. Just a lot of shooting into the distance.

  28. Delt with plenty of IEDs, rockets, and mortors. Only direct fire I took was from the Iraqi army being stupid and not understanding ballistics. Never fired my rifle at anything other than a target. I'm sure there's plenty out there who share my story.

  29. Just sit him for the season. It's in our team's and his best interest for the long term.

  30. Him, coots, ellis... idk who else is all banged up feels like I'm missing someone

  31. When is the last time we’ve won a shootout?

  32. Are you allowed to win shootouts?

  33. I only use steel utensils on my cast iron, they won't hurt it.

  34. Well, nothing can really beat the fan favorite line “Name’s Artemis…I have a bleached asshole.” But besides that, I love the delivery of her line “SIR! Huh-go back to your SEAT-uh!” in the Frank’s Little Beauties episode.

  35. It's insane that I had to scroll this far for that line.

  36. i love how we are blowing our team up for a dude whose record will be broken by a hotdog man anyway

  37. Last night might have been the absolute worst game he's had here.

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