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  1. I don't usually upvote nsfw content but it is your work and it is amazing as always

  2. Sitting? Squatting, I think. But yes, very nice!

  3. This is a PAINTING and not the real thing?? I would have never known had you not said anything. Perfection!!

  4. Either way that's amazing. How many hours? It even would take a modern GPU a bit to fully render this much detail.

  5. That is absolutely stunning! I wish I had the $$ to buy the original, as it’s just beautifully done!

  6. This is some blackmagic stuff. Insane skill mate.

  7. How do you wax a car so shiny in a painting ?

  8. I am painting with a very high contrast between dark and light. That gives the illusion of glossyness

  9. Beautiful work! What’s the metal behind the wheels with several holes in it? I don’t recall seeing that before.

  10. Beautiful work :) I found my new lock screen photo

  11. Available as print among over 200 of my other paintings in collections like Figurative, Nude, Cars, Animals, Stil life, Lego, and more

  12. Impressive you nailed the texture ! It’s so nice to look at you feel at peace with this simple bit ever familiar scene

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