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  2. Thank your for the words. I started on fl studio and created some beats that I love so I upgraded to Pc version so I can upgrade my beats quality. But the problem is I started seeing my music worse. I start a beat liked it at first and then in the Middle of listening to I stop liking it and archivating it. And im stuck in a loop. But this words helped me. Thank you so much bro

  3. I’d start off small. Focus on one thing you really wanna get good at and focus all your energy on that aspect. Meaning melody, keys, chords, drums, sound design. EQING too if u know what ur doing but I’d start getting better at Melodies or drums first before diving into the more technical side of making beats. We aren’t producers unless we are psychically producing someone. Just beat makers. A great way to get started without having to actually create your Melodies for beginners is to use something such as splice. millions of one shots/ different sounds/ drum kits/ Melodie’s. Best of luck to ya bro I’m only a year into the journey myself

  4. Thank you for the explanation about the "Producer" tag. I am currently Studying Audio Engineering and music production. so might day I be one. And I'm trying to do what your saying. On my university we focus on Mixing, equalizing, vocals, Mastering etc etc. What i'm doing is on home, hop on fl studio mobile practicing making beats from scratch. So I can get to advanced level so I can port the beat to protools and start masterizing my beats that said. Thank you for your advice I appreciate it. I recently got a midi so I will try to learn to play and see if it could help me with melodies.

  5. one shot melody my brother is . u download a file u know inside it u will have the uhm the guitar some like u cannot find in u know around not the loop melodies or even if dry or uhm the wet ones u feel me so i asked u where u could get this melody if that possible i have lot of things if u wanna contact me i could send u anything u need problem bro

  6. Thanks bro, appreciate the help. the melody is in Gms and is aqualead. That's what I used

  7. Sorry for being late, but a good way is to search the game you want the wallpapers on then, press the image you like, then press triangle, go to search bar and at the end of the link type .jpg or .png it should look like this

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