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[Charania] Kyrie Irving is no longer a Nike athlete, Nike spokesperson says. The sides have parted ways one month after Nike suspended its relationship with the Nets star. Irving has one of most popular signatures shoes in the NBA and is now a sneaker free agent.

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  1. What would be a good price? I’ve seen the screwdriver without bits go for $150

  2. There's a difference between perfection, quality, and quality control.

  3. No, it’s too damaged for $250. Your Dad is right. Be patient, you will find a better one if you keep looking

  4. Yeah but why do the firefighters gotta be out panhandling? Like I'm fine to donate to firefighters, though aren't they already tax funded? Panhandling is dangerous and kinda trashy though, so it's weird that organizations like firefighters and churches do it. Also I'm pretty much never going to roll down my window in an intersection no matter what outfit someone is wearing.

  5. Absolutely. I am beyond glad he was there and thanked him later in the day for dragging me away. No idea what my game plan was in that moment. Definitely going to take these things with a grain of salt in the future

  6. Be charitable when you are able. But you pick the charity don’t let the charity pick you. Then the money goes somewhere you can trust

  7. just an opinion: that’s not that great of an idea regardless of how good the woodwork looks. emphasizing your throne is the opposite of what most people try to do in bathrooms.

  8. I tend to agree. It’s a nice piece of work, but a little too dedicated to taking a dump

  9. He gets a lot of opportunities to prove himself.

  10. I believe the U.S. ranks first in cancer outcomes for patients who receive treatment, and last amongst it’s developed peers for access to that care. Pretty wack

  11. Thanks for your thoughtful contribution to the conversation.

  12. Making frames with this is a travesty, imo. The boards need to be kept as full as possible, to show the entire spectrum of that grain. ripping it down to thin pieces is going to take A LOT away from the beauty of what we see here.

  13. It’s a found pallet, let the guy do what he wants

  14. I hate playing devil's advocate but maybe the guy was just thirsty and couldn't get water because the establishment kicks out homeless people? OP understandably had the assumption they were being taken advantage of but if the guy wants food and a drink, the guy is probably dehydrated and starving.

  15. Or He just wanted them to buy him a free drink too.

  16. Brace yourself for the hard truth: It’s over. 🗑

  17. Michael Jordan as a UNC alum surely helps

  18. Seriously? I don’t think that moves the needle much. I mean Indiana St. does not get much of a jolt from Larry Bird

  19. Would have also been an opportunity to give it to a defensive player or one of the great centers playing this year

  20. No one is fired up to give college football’s best award to a Center

  21. god they fucking should be. how people do people watch the slow mos of the work these guys do, and then not say "yeah, they pretty much are the most valuable fits on this team."

  22. Apparently, everyone else on the planet but you

  23. The difference is Alabama ain’t going to the playoffs

  24. Excellent! . Still not in the playoffs though

  25. They needed him to be a coach, pull his injured superstar and get his 5 star recruit backup do what he can

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