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  1. Lol @ that dry heave. Probably just a coincidence but a hilarious one.

  2. Yeah def. Just crafting as you get mats can take forever, i'd pro-actively buy low runes/pgems you need and buy base magics for lem/pul when possible if you sren't already

  3. Seriously, I'm confused. Why would you use resources to upgrade the base of the magic item when you can just upgrade a crafted item when it's good? Do higher bases yield better chance at good crafts?

  4. No clue about upping before hand, i mean buy bases too to speed things up

  5. Gotcha phew. Ive been gambling with intent to buy a lightsong if anything good crafts. I think the only benefit in upping before is that the max sockets would be higher.

  6. Tir rune perfect sapphire any jewel Then to up the base from exceptional to elite is fal um p sapphire

  7. I know this post is 2 years old but do you always want to up the base before crafting? I've been doing this so wrong lol

  8. If Ja ever stops carrying it’s over but a different kind of over

  9. I know everyone does it sometimes but take a look at how often Ja's feet touch the ground before getting rid of the ball. Hint: it's a ton. Refs pretty much never call this for shots.

  10. Kinda how Steph constantly gets open as Draymond is bear hugging the defender. Last night when Klay shot that last 3, there was Draymond holding Brooks from getting to his guy. Draymond wouldnt last a half if refs went by the rules

  11. Heck yea, call all the penalties. Both players take advantage of the system well.

  12. I know people don't like his various nicknames, but to me , "Giannis Jr" makes the most sense to me. He has that kind of explosives / athleticism/ length that Giannis has. Kuminga is also probably more muscular than Giannis this early in his career. Not saying I expect him to be as good as Gianni's, but theoretically it's possible.

  13. I noticed the same too... he shouldn't be a ball handler in those situations.

  14. I think Poole looks much better when he's not the primary ball handler at any point in the game. Curry, Donte or even Jerome being the primary ball handler seems to work much better imo.

  15. Okay, am I the only that thinks it's justified? It's not like Curry made a bad basketball play or something. Don't throw your nasty ass mouthpiece around lol.

  16. Pretty sure it's one of those automatic ejection scenarios.

  17. He honestly couldn't have handled it much better, very diplomatically sound answers lol

  18. For those who haven't seen, he's been absolutely atrocious in closing close games. This was a breath of fresh air.

  19. lemme guess, he put it up for “offer” lol had a good chuckle at the jewel socketed as well

  20. I actually put it up on the trade site for -.01 HR. No takers yet

  21. Impressive! I link this map because as you showed here, it's got one of the most intuitive/quick paths.

  22. Yeah she's a great player but the constant complaining is exhausting.

  23. The amount of complaining would be totally fine... If she wasn't arguing against the ridiculously accurate computer.

  24. I love them until I don’t love them. I prefer marathon games so I get to use specific units for a long time. But the more modern the tech, the more snowball-esc war becomes imo. And moving 50+ units every turn is not great either.

  25. I always feel conflicted on playing normal speed or a slower speed. When there's a war, normal just feels so horribly rushed. Like, end the war in 10 turns or your economy is ruined. But no war marathon games feel horrible.

  26. So this is deffo not what you’re asking for because of the toggling bit, but a mod I use is historical speed which makes tech take the time of a marathon, but units and income is more like normal speed. I just like it because it annoys me that I can’t actually fight in most ages, especially the ancient and classical age, because by the time I’ve built my opening settlers and rushed the wonders I need, it’s already like the medieval age and I couldn’t use my Babylonian archers or Egyptian war chariots.

  27. Thanks, that's interesting, I had never considered that. I'm still trying to wrap my head around how that would feel =D

  28. I needed to add a center for my fantasy team for a day or 2 because of injuries. I chose Bryant last night and now I feel like a genius. Curious if I should keep him over Poeltl now.

  29. Bought it for 9 the other day, someone was advertised selling it for 12.

  30. Won’t change any stats even if it currupted. It will just make the item ethereal (giving it more dmg)

  31. I think I was getting mirror and lightsong confused, woops.

  32. Move aside, there's a new sheriff in town

  33. Insane! I would in a heartbeat! What else are you waiting to use it for ?

  34. I'm still relatively new to pillar prices and never used a lightsong before. And the perfectionist in me says wait for a 6 socket. But obviously that's just nonsense. Definitely worth it. Ww dmg went from 21k to 26k. Wasn't expecting that big of a jump honestly.

  35. Minimum damage is huge for 1 shotting trash

  36. Bro stopped Ant from shooting a 3 pointer and said my job is done lmao

  37. I always put a price of what I think it's worth... So like random slammed Highlords: Gul, .25 or offer

  38. Giving a reference point like Gul with offer is perfectly fine imo. It's just where the price is literally just "offer" I'm referring to

  39. As a new player, I do check the prices, however, I put "Offer" because I may ask for the going price, or I may happily accept a lower but reasonable offer.

  40. That's fine, I just recommend using the trade site. Once you get a feel for it it's relatively straight forward how much like 95% of items sell for. Obviously it's up to you, but especially for cheaper things, they will sell way faster if you put up a low price compared to offer.

  41. Thanks for putting this together good showcase.

  42. both auras appeared around his character. however, i do not know if that means that they were working.

  43. Yea when I played around with it it was something like this, numbers approximated. WW damage:

  44. Wow I thought people knew this .. Get the word out haha.

  45. I would guess most people do. But if you don't, you're not going to find it out unless you're hunting it out. I know when I was a noob I glanced over how to do it but it never stuck.

  46. How do you remove the stacked symbol after unstacking runes?

  47. I’m half way through my third listen to the series. I’ve never read the books…I just realized it’s not “nameless”

  48. Lol I'm glad I'm not the only one. I feel my worldview is kind of shattered. "Nameless" always seemed like a cool title too.

  49. DarkHumility knows what's up. The big elephant in the room is Dclone/Rathma problems and these are great options to limiting their impact on the player base as seasons go on.

  50. While I'm no expert at the end game, I'm surprised that the one attempt issue of Dclone/rathma isn't brought up more. As a pleb, I would be more likely to try these things if I could fail until I win, only consuming the mats at this point. It's quite nerve-wracking to try these events. Yes, I know you can try doing them in single player but it just kills the flow of the game.

  51. My buddy keeps insisting I install plugy because i always say the same thing.

  52. Yea it just kills the immersion/ makes attempts so freaking stressful. But this also compounds the issue of a small percentage of people controlling the market. Why would I go through the process of learning/gearing/killing rathma when I can literally trade a voidstone for a tainted worldstone shard??

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