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  1. I worked at a restaurant where the GM bailed out a cook (drunk driving). He wasn't even that great.

  2. Protecting IP they don't plan to use is malicious and I won't condone it.

  3. I'm always impressed by the teams he loses to without his ultimate. So far my r8 nonultimate SEE has lost to mediocre bounty hunters and padme teams. Even with malak, wat and the armorer. I'm sure once I have his ultimate ill find him more useful

  4. My R5-8 LV team lost to a half relic MM. You need the ult or they don't work

  5. So, much like riding a tram in Munich at the height of Octoberfest!

  6. Lol, last time I shit myself was in college when we were racing to see who could drink a 6 pack of Mickey's the fastest. I thought I was going to fart but cold beer came out.

  7. American survival rate for the 9/11 attacks was much higher (99.999%) so why all the fuss about those?

  8. The Waukesha Parade had roughly 10k people and 5 died. 99.95% survival rate. Why do we even ban cars from driving through parades?

  9. Lunch rush: "We're here to clean the grease trap! Don't mind our hoses in the dining room..."

  10. Watch him get a speaking arrangement at the next CPAC on how it somehow is the medias fault or some bullshit.

  11. To be fair, the quality of the movie and the timing of the release play a big factor in audience numbers. When I saw The Northman opening weekend the theater was packed.

  12. One of the biggest effects of lead exposure is having intellectually stunted offspring

  13. You saw something stupid on Reddit you thought was smart and you regurgitate it without thinking about it, so other morons think you're smart.

  14. The fact that the health department didn't close the restaurant down says that the violations weren't serious. Let's look at them one by one.

  15. Are you familiar with the Georgia department of health food inspection process? Iv worked in restaurants and on the other side of that process. The score or the number changes meaning in every state, and sometimes from locality to locality.

  16. The fact that it was still open means that it wasn't that bad of an inspection. Throw out the expired food and reorganize a shelf.

  17. It Trump's tax returns were damning the IRS/Congress would have leaked them by now.

  18. Doesn't matter. There is nothing to identify them with. The law is very clear that it only pertains to identifying information. Names, addresses, phone number, etc.

  19. Not if the Grimm family stopped protecting the copyright, which is the duty of the originator.

  20. Dude, a company invented a character and has used it continuously since, there's no reason the copyright should ever expire.

  21. Then take it up with your representative. Sorry our government is lazy and ineffective, but circumventing controls only makes the problem worse. We need to hold Congress accountable, not allow agencies unlimited power. You guys gripe about this decision today, but I guarantee you would be singing the opposite tune if it were a Trump appointee going rogue and opening up oil rights.

  22. You're saying cops shouldn't be able to investigate a crime until city hall passes a law instructing them to do it. Even though city hall created the police department to investigate any and all crime

  23. Saying the EPA needs Congressional approval on very large and impactful decisions is a bad thing? It's a check and balance at the federal level...hard to disagree with that unless you're just bitching to bitch.

  24. Lol, yes. Everyone knows being micromanaged by a committee of 535 people works splendidly

  25. From Woodland PD: "At one point there was an altercation at the door of the establishment which Woodland PD officers de-escalated"

  26. Remember when they put out a press release saying George Floyd died of an unrelated medical issue?

  27. Yea but 15 years old is definitely old enough to know right from wrong. I knew killing people was wrong the second I was old enough to understand what death what.

  28. Right... But he's not killing anyone. There's an enormous leap between saying that you'd kill someone online and killing someone.

  29. Context BEYOND and how this kid got these people here to arrest him....the statement we heard on this video alone, I pretty much guarantee was NOT the only thing this dumb kid boasted and maybe multiple times in different variations to different people. It was NOT just one statement made and bam the feds are at their door.

  30. You're very virtuous, but you do your kid no favors by telling your kid to own up to their actions to the police.

  31. This sounds like the plot of a Pixar movie. Like I actually can't believe this is real.

  32. Well, the people saying such things have a 4th grade understanding of the world, so Pixar is probably pretty spot on.

  33. Whats so complicated? You can always read the buffs before you fight the units. Also people dont want a new gamemode, just look at how much conquest is hated. People always ask for stuff to do, but as soon as there is stuff to do, the complaint is that it takes time and they cant be bothered to play the game.

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