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  1. Wow you were able to do this after a month? Guess I’m just stupid, two months in and I can’t do anything close to this…

  2. Hey did you ever get a good answer to this question, in the same exact boat as you

  3. THC was left off the panel, I was not tested

  4. Was pre-employment and what company?

  5. No, but what’s wrong with living at home for a year or two till they’re paid off? That’s what I did and now I’m debt free. All I had to do was help around the house, pay minimal rent, clean the yard, shovel snow, and cook my meals. Otherwise it took me two years to pay off my loans because of it. More people just never think of that option to just take a hard pill and work and live at home.

  6. Good for you, and me for that matter since I did the same thing but that’s not remotely the point, nor is it the norm.

  7. Ik this is a late respond/question, but can you please send a link to a full hot swappable gk61 with mech switches that are in stock from Amazon or banggood??

  8. Here’s the link RK ROYAL KLUDGE RK61 2.4Ghz Wireless/Bluetooth/Wired 60% Mechanical Keyboard, 61 Keys RGB Hot Swappable Blue Switch Gaming Keyboard with Software for Win/Mac

  9. Well thanks for posting this, as mentioned there's no way to currently do this. I mean we can't expect things like this to be addressed by a small indie company like Chase.

  10. OMI doesn’t seem dependent on the overall crypto market fluctuations (or at least to a much smaller extent compared to others).

  11. Isn’t this just for trading with a margin account? If you have a regular spot account, you’re fine right? Their email said to review their terms for restrictions and it only lists these countries as being restricted for MARGIN accounts.

  12. That’s what is says on their website but can’t find the email, can someone confirm this??

  13. If I'm reading their terms of service correctly, I believe it says that US citizens are not to use any of their services. After that statement, it gives a shorter list of countries that may not use margin services but may use spot trading.

  14. Correct confirmed with their support, no US services

  15. Thanks.. any reason? I know GATE.IO recommends that as well, but just seeing if there was any updates on ETA of maintenance fix.

  16. I contacted support and there’s no ETA on the fix, although they did mention they’re expediting maintenance due to the volume of people complaining about not being able to move their OMI relative to the April 10th deadline. I’m giving it a few more days but best move is probably to trade to USDT then buy XLM and transfer that to BitForex and then buy OMI… what a nightmare.

  17. Your question comes at an interesting time because there’s recently been a lot of contention in this subreddit about OMI’s utility.

  18. Thank you for this. It does seem that OMI could be removed from any relevance to the VeVe platform, which would be terrible for OMI holders. But it would seem odd for the creators to do that. Seems that is definitely part of the current concern.

  19. Excellent assessment, welcome brother!

  20. Nothing brings me more joy than when akali get’s smacked by a niv icicle, well done

  21. Sounds like you got all your bases covered (EF, retirement, insurance, etc) while still having a decent amount leftover every month, I wouldn’t worry. Here’s two helpful things people tend to overlook about your situation 1) You’ll have option to refinance so money access will always be there with property 2) Being on a tighter budget because you’re now paying a mortgage might also force you to make smarter financial decisions (ie budget better, get a job w/ more money etc). Remember to take it slow with any renovations.

  22. Okay I stand corrected. Decided to actually look it up:

  23. Thought the same exact thing as you, I applaud you for looking it up and correcting the record. Learn something new everyday!

  24. This must be the freedom of options when it comes to your healthcare politicians always yappin bout

  25. Tragic situation, do your due diligence on finding another specialist or negotiating but worst case scenario, pay the specialist and use the paid deductible as your year to get ALL healthcare related issues resolved within the year span. Only US healthcare lets you pay for insurance just to fuck you when you actually need it.

  26. You forgot to mention auto insurers scalp the American people and do everything in their power to not pay a cent when there’s a claim.

  27. If you sent it to veve before migration you all good too except you can't do anything with your Omi now and it's stuck in veve 🤬🤬

  28. We’ll be able to move them out of VeVe wallet eventually right? I moved tokens from exchange to VeVe wallet prior to migration, I thought they’d get upgraded and then I’d be able to pay gas fees to transfer them out of VeVe wallet, no?

  29. Wouldn’t it be better to exchange to your VeVe wallet for L2 migration and staking?

  30. Also I think you need like at least 10000 USD min for staking

  31. Welp well looks like my tokens are now stuck in there, until migration right? Or is the migration on the 27th not the one that’s going to allow me to move my OMI from the VeVe account wallet?

  32. I know the usd equivalent, asked because been seeing majority of exchanges only charging one OMI… When you factor in sending crypto in test increments, it adds up.

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