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AITA for having my kids wear tie dye when with their dad?

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  1. not wrong, you did one good deed, you don't have to repeat for everyone!

  2. NTA at all your step son needs to learn consequences, as does your wife.

  3. If you don’t want a free house don’t change your surname, but quit moaning about it if you don’t.

  4. If it’s not close family then £50 each. When we got married, 12 years ago, we had 40 guests and as we were in our 30s & 40s we had everything we needed we said If they wanted to get a gift then we requested John Lewis vouchers. We received £8000 worth. Which we were flabbergasted at the amount.

  5. This seems quite reasonable, especially as utility bills are included. If you don’t want to pay it, can you find anything suitable at the rate you are currently paying?

  6. NTA at all. Your dad needs to step up. Start living your life, and tell your dad to start being a parent.

  7. HMOs are horrible to manage and can be toxic. On paper they work, in practice not so much. HMO cultivate difficult tenants, difficult tenants cause drama and drama does not lead to good profits.

  8. Speak to your mum and clarify what she wants. Then have a family get together and lay down the situation to your sister. She cannot afford to be a full time stay at home mum with a little part time job.

  9. NTA that’s for your education and should be used for that. Your step brother will have known what the costs are for his education and should have budgeted for that accordingly

  10. NTA she’s the parent and should be responsible and provide for her own kids. If she’d just changed a nominal rental amount, then it would be different. She’s got to stand on her own and provide for the family she bought into the world.

  11. NTA it could have been done in a softer way, but what you said is on point. Why don’t they ask the husbands parents for funding, or just save up or research pro bono IVF treatment

  12. I’d stay put, if you have £2k disposable income a month. Pay off your mortgage early. In five years you’ll be debt free and have a nice house.

  13. Ugh I am dreading the holidays. Unfortunately between me, my parents, and my sister, I'm the only one with a house. They downsized (as most seniors do) and my sister got divorced so she is in an apartment.

  14. Do everything with a lovely smile. Think “the little things never really matter.”

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