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  1. If the dog is truly being aggressive and harming you, you can contact animal control anonymously.

  2. Epstein didn’t kill himself. MK Ultra, bribing within the government. JFK, MLK, Malcolm X assassinated by the CIA.

  3. I wouldn’t even call MK Ultra a theory. The documentation is incomplete, but it absolutely happened. Same with bribing government officials, depending on which instance you’re referring to.

  4. Right, it’s never been confirmed by the US government nor has the media touched the subject but it definitely happened. I would still consider it a conspiracy though. The bribing I’m referring to is having Coal executives like Joe Manchin being responsible for denying the government access to regulate the fossil fuel and coal industry. That’s just one example

  5. I get what you mean. It may not be officially confirmed but I do believe the CIA discussed it publicly with Congress. Still, I’d also consider it a conspiracy! Just not a theory, haha.


  7. Same one I use too! Would recommend. Those little spring loaded doors are great for changing food and water quickly before I leave for work.

  8. Your right, they had a room of “good people” with guns who were all specificly there to prevent such things, who within 10 seconds resolved the situation and still 2 people died.

  9. Jack wilson saved lives, having better control would save tens of thousands more. My whole point is that this was the best case scenario with armed guards/civillians they act the second something goes wrong and in that second there will still be valueble lives lost.

  10. I want to be sympathetic. I REALLY do. If guns were to “poof” out of existence, than this church would have been unlikely to have a team of guards.

  11. He had been ill or old for the entire time I had him (I refer to him as male but never had him tested) after being found outside. I had him for several months before his passing.

  12. I mean, not to play the Devil’s advocate, but the seeming incongruity between proselytizing and universalism is a valid topic to discuss (and one that I’ve wrestled with myself over and over again).

  13. At the end of the day, I don’t think it’s about being 100% right in the details.

  14. It's one that does pop up but not with those search terms. It's the seventh suggestion with 'how did hermione granger'.

  15. For you. Google results are targeted to you. Closest I saw on mine was “How did Hermione get pregnant?”

  16. I don't search for anything to do with virginity or around those nsfw terms. The closest and latest related search I've had was about a year ago with boot worship terms for Kinktober.

  17. Hah. I believe you. Google is weird and the algorithm likely picked up some similarity with other people that led you there.

  18. They absolutely are. That’s despite the fact that there are different philosophies regarding what animals can be considered apex predators.

  19. I’ve seen a broom deter a black bear. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it, but most of the time they aren’t all that interested in people. That being said, a guy in my town was mauled by one a few years ago.

  20. I get what you’re saying and agree that black bears are not much of a threat. Where I live, it’s rare for one to show up, but my dad saw one while out in the early morning and it bolted straight up a tree.

  21. I haven’t done the math, but I’d assume Duck’s wingspan-to-weight ratio would demolish Tyson.

  22. Wow. Thank you for this info. I guess I learned something new today.

  23. They weird me out! They aren’t one animal but multiple organisms in a colony making up the body.

  24. I actually think this is a really good use for such a tool. You can respond to the draft with something like “well my boss is like x, and I don’t think x part would go over well. Can you rewrite it?”

  25. I answer it one of two ways. I’ll sometimes treat it as a generic greeting and respond with “what’s up?,” “hey,” “how’s it going,” or something like that.

  26. Mice in restaurants isn't that uncommon. Ive worked in them my whole life.

  27. I’m sure many people have found mouse droppings in their house and still ate the food in their pantry and cooked in their kitchen. Growing up, I remember occasionally finding droppings under ceiling vents.

  28. The infant industry argument is a justification for protectionist trade policies such as tariffs or quotas that are implemented to protect newly-established domestic industries. The argument is that young industries may not be able to compete with more established foreign competitors, so temporary protection is necessary to help them grow and become competitive. Once the domestic industry has become more competitive, the protectionist measures can be removed.

  29. In general, high or unpredictable rates of inflation can be detrimental to investments, as they can reduce the value of investments over time and make it difficult to predict the future value of investments. Conversely, low and stable rates of inflation can be beneficial for investments, as they allow investors to make more informed decisions and can help maintain the value of investments. Therefore, it is often important for the rate of inflation to be low and stable in order to encourage investment activity.

  30. Not if you get caught! It's typically illegal. At least in the States.

  31. Hah! I also got it to sign as AI language model today. It was a message to itself in a different chat. It took a couple tries for me to get it to understand what I was asking for.

  32. FedEx still manages to do some crappy things with my chewy orders. For awhile they were opening the tailgate to my truck and leaving it on the tailgate. I almost backed out onto the road without realizing it.

  33. They leave mine right in front of the garage door for me to drive right into it.

  34. Never pet a parrot on the back like that. You're going to cause hormonal problems by sexually stimulating it. Just pet the head.

  35. I wouldn’t even call that petting it. They are bumping their bird. Eek.

  36. Middle class? This dude is wearing more cash on his body than my middle-class self can afford.

  37. Right? I’m confused about the votes, haha! I mean, I get how it happened. He wasn’t even trying to hold it.

  38. Thats my logic exactly. Lightweight children can control a 12 gauge. Rapid fire would be too much for most, but it doesn't fly out of their hands from a single shot.

  39. Yeah. I know my linked example has a full stock and isn’t a pistol grip, but I’d wager the guy in OP’s video is significantly stronger than this kid:

  40. I have 2 questions but will post them separately. We've had our 2yo cockatiel for a few months now.

  41. How much time is the bird allowed out of the cage? What is the size of the cage?

  42. Since you take it 3x instead of 2x, how long does each dose normally last for you? From what I’ve read it’s supposed to last 4-6 hours, but since you have an extra dose is yours less?

  43. Effectively, 2.5-3 hours. I still get residual stimulation but it’s more like being unmedicated and a little jittery. I lose the benefit pretty quickly.

  44. I actually switched over for a while I felt like I got 6 decent hours and then lost the positive effects. Tried XR and a booster too. I actually like the flexibility of the IR. I can take it based on when I feel like it would help.

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