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  1. I'm not 100% an expert but isn't 7-8 hours of gruesome training an overkill ? I'm not sure how long of a period that is but it definitely feels less beneficial than it sounds

  2. need "something" to help with the recovery

  3. My family went thru a rough spell with flu/strep for pretty much all of october. We've all had covid, but my daughter said that she'd take that any day of the week in comparison to what she dealt with while fighting the flu. She was out of commission for like 10 days. It was bad.

  4. Brewers could be selling Woodruff or Burnes at the deadline

  5. I'd be curious to know if the Marlins would ever come up off of their two aces....O's farm is stacked and could prove to be enticing for teams looking to trade.

  6. Everyone keeps saying he is brain damaged and CTE, how do we know he isn't just dumb?

  7. He's def got CTE AND is ridiculously stupid.

  8. The lakers were leaving him so open it was insulting. It reminded me of how teams used to play Tony Allen.

  9. yea man...defenses don't respect him on offense at all. Kuz alluded to that the other night. Literally playing 4 on 5 on that side of the court. I thought Deni would be primed to make a leap in his development this season, but he's been a disappointment. Tommy's drafting has been ass.

  10. Dont do it, man 😂. Literally gonna take years off ur life

  11. Absolutely…and I feel like KP is a legit #1 option while Kuz is a legit #3. The problem is Beal (and a lack of a starting pg.) Beal should fit in well as a #2, but WUJ and the org have enabled him to think he’s the #1. The NTC makes things VERY difficult to have any sort of flexibility going forward. Just gotta hope Beal quietly asks out.

  12. KP is great. He is not a #1 anymore on a good team and likely won't see that again. Think poor man's Bill Walton.

  13. For this wizards team, he’s a legit #1. I probably should have clarified that 😂

  14. Local popularity, probably the commanders, followed by the caps, nats,…………..and wizards.

  15. Yeah - DCist or WAPO should do a deep dive into it. Commanders appear least popular at my kid's school, but as you say, they get the most media coverage.

  16. That would be a great story for one of those outlets to dig in to. IMO, for as many people that want to see them win, there are quite a bit of folks out there who watch on tv OR go in person, just to see them lose or fail. Definitely a polarizing product, but it’s one that seemingly dominates sports chatter, both good and bad, in the DC area.

  17. Fanbase was split on Wall and Arenas too….IMHO the casuals are more critical of Beal because

  18. I think a lot of the vitriol towards beal is due to the hatred of the front office and how the team is run. I’ll never fault beal for taking the bag…no one would turn that down 😂. But scrutiny comes with the territory - fair or not.

  19. I agree with everything you said. I really find it insulting as a fan, watching how this team is run. It’s wild to me that Ted has never had any heat on him for having a consistently mediocre product for as long as he’s owned the team. I really feel like he, Ernie, Tommy, etc have been treated with kid gloves by the local media for as long as he’s owned the team.

  20. Kuz has shown more leadership and a pulse for the team/coaching in his short time here in comparison to beal.

  21. Firebirds steakhouse, Gainesville.

  22. A lot of folks dont have palates out that far west and love their chains lol

  23. Lebanese Taverna on Washington Blvd, in Arlington. I love the food from this region and was so terribly disappointed. It was salty, bland and dry. Except the lamb sliders - they were good - but also extremely salty. We ordered delivery and ended up throwing most of it out.

  24. LT on wash blvd fell off. Gave me stewed chicken in a tortilla when we ordered a shawarma.

  25. When the bike lane is consistently blocked like this I take up a lane of traffic and go slower than usual. Some drivers honk, but some look at the bike lane. I hope some will put two and two together.

  26. Amsterdam is so much better than NYC in so many ways

  27. Kuz is a straight shooter and he didn’t say anything that the scouting reports dont already highlight about #9.

  28. Arber underestimated how strong Schenn was there. Schenn just pushed his ass right over

  29. Looked like he stepped on a glove, causing him to slip. Schenn is strong, but not THAT strong to have him down that quickly 😂

  30. Protas looks like and is built the same as nikola jokic 😂

  31. This! Also, Youngkin said virtual days don’t count so this is just teachers working for free with little educational result. To what end? It’s ridiculous!

  32. oh wow...that's crazy. what are the actual point of these "learning" days aside from the babysitting?

  33. Does anyone know why the company shut down the one in Annandale and Centreville? I don't understand why they closed up stores that were doing well and leaving the licensees/franchisees in the dust.

  34. Opened a new location 15 min away from Centreville in Gainesville.

  35. Funny that I'm seeing this thread...put a reminder in my phone to book tickets for the 19th, and I got the same message on their website when I went to snag some a couple minutes ago. Not sure what's up with it. I guess I'll keep checking.

  36. He’s the best option NOW, and should be extended beyond this season. Can’t put a premium on having an A+ backup, which is exactly who Heinicke is. That being said, the team needs to see what they have in Howell, and hope he can project to be a starter, or develop a high draft pick to eventually become that guy down the road. In that scenario, i’m cool with 4 being the placeholder until that qb is identified or ready.

  37. Most Arlington thing ever. Right up there with the drive-by shooting from a prius

  38. No superstar or true ace is going to “ choose” Baltimore. Sorry to all the kids that are on here but you need to be realistic on this. It is what it is.

  39. Had no problems landing talent in the 90s/00s. Free agency has barely started. Still a long way to go.

  40. Except I still consider it part of the "Washington DC Metro Area."

  41. Gross and offensive...lmao. Soft. Imagine being this wrong and arguing like you're right lol.

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