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  • By - _cO2-

  1. Tang gang represent, of course during summer camp I normally will buy gatorade powder and philmont it. But regardless of what it is, it’s all drank.

  2. That movie is a core memory I wish I could forget.

  3. I really don’t get how the 1 is allowed to go back out

  4. Wasn’t a mechanical failure. He hit the wall which caused the toe link/rear end issue which would be considered crash damage

  5. Oh. IDK then. Maybe they're taking advantage of a loophole?

  6. I'm thinking first all female finale, crazy punk girl (main antagonist) vs Beanie lady

  7. Socks. Used to get the cheap ass made in China or Vietnam shit, but then I got some high quality socks from I think Poland, fuck I can't go back. It feels like I'm barefoot.

  8. Pansexual here. MCR actually helped me realize that. I only became a fan in late 2019, but seeing some old pictures if Gerard (black parade era mostly) made me realize I want as straight as I thought.

  9. A pokemon being humanoid, bipedal, or even flat-out furbait has no effect on how good it is.

  10. Bad batch. What she said is deplorable, but so is telling someone their religion is wrong. What she did is way worse, but that doesn't excuse what you said.

  11. Yeah I see that all the time on Instagram. Even when the posters profile states they’re Australian there will always be 50 of those comments. I don’t think they’re always Americans but it is always like bro you know there’s a Southern Hemisphere right?!

  12. To be fair, some states don't require world geography schools, so it could just be not knowing

  13. I've been kinda obsessed from a young age and I think it's due to all the films you watch growing up! it ends up feeling like some fictional place almost, with all the yellow busses to high schools and big friendly neighbourhoods ahah

  14. Honest question about the busses. Do you guys just run your regular busses as school busses when it's needed? Or do kids going to school take the same bus as everyone else at the same time?

  15. For camping, my go to is desert wraps. Tortillas filled with peanut butter, chocolate chips, marshmallows, and an optional canned pears, wrapped in foil and cooked over the fire.

  16. I'm probably the only happy we had a lightning delay. It was a pleasant surprise after taking the boat out for a bit and expecting to get back to just reading the results.

  17. NGL I kinda hoped they'd call it so that McDowell would win and keep the non-playoff win streak going.

  18. If Owen had been in Sam's place, it would be 8-6 for the original cast over ROTI cast.

  19. It kinda makes sense though. I have an allstars au with 26, only 8 are roti

  20. As someone with a fear of being taken advantage of by those close to me (never happebes, more of a phobia than a true fear), Lusamine was the most terrifying villain to me.

  21. No. As a trumpet player, I can understand how it could be too loud, but it's always a 'later' not a 'no'. I could understand having more restrictions than the flute or clariner, because those are quieter, but not being allowed at all is just asinine.

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