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  1. Vergil stomps,DMC and MG are two very different universes,DMC has Fucking demons that can cut the fabric of reality and do some shit that would take me hours to explain,MG characters are weaker but more realistic cuz it's not filled with Fucking demons and a Style Rank.

  2. Sam would win, Vergil isn't Brazilian, Sam is, he stomps negative diff

  3. This does pose the question though. Would Giorno have been able to revert part 6's ending if he were fought?

  4. If Giorno still have access to GER then maybe

  5. I think Jotaro will win, Star Platinum is stronger and much faster than Homelander, for how here's the reason:

  6. It also seems like they took away the solid in 1995 for some strange reasons

  7. The thumbnail isn't mine, all the credits goes to the original creator

  8. More like trying to escape GDS and Batman trying to stop her thinking she's just a criminal

  9. Most of Daredevil life was a hard hit after the other, however Guts takes this by dirict

  10. If for some reason Bucciarati didn't follow him Diavolo would have let him live since he wouldn't really a reason to kill him, if Bucciarati still tries to find out the identity of the boss he would eventually kill him again

  11. Who knows, maybe Hughie was mad at A-Train because he accidentally put some Ketchup in his face

  12. Personally either Revenge of the Sith or The Empire Strikes Back

  13. Great choices too. Strong, evil and dark 😂

  14. As far as i see it, every author, no matter what they made they did they think they could have done something better, so Alan More thinks his story is overrated because he think he could have done better, that's just my opinion tho, there's probably a official explanation to why

  15. I don’t think SP is nerfed for Part 6, maybe a bit because of Jotaro’s age in the part but it’s still a top stand. There are two times in Stone Ocean that Jotaro gets “beat” by Pucci, but in both times it only happens because Jolyne is put in danger and Jotaro decides to save her instead of himself

  16. While in Part 6 he regain his 5 seconds of Time Stop, he was physically weaker than Part 3 Star Platinum, i know someone might say that he just got out of a coma but that's really not the case, Stands are based around the fighting spirit of their user so i don't think that's the case, also somehow he gain 3 seconds of Time Stop after awaking from a coma

  17. How many times did star platinum use star finger? 2? This thing would be OP against MIH

  18. Maybe he could have used a 20 meter radious Star Finger barrier

  19. Killua rips off Zenitsu heart, not only he outstats but he also the advantage of the nen since Zenitsu wouldn't be able to see or sense the nen.

  20. Most members of the Justice League would solo the Seven, not only they are much stronger but they are also more competent, i think the only ones who have somewhat of fighting experience in the Seven are Homelander, Black Noir and Stormfront which isn't a lot, the only members of the JL i think that would not be able to solo the Seven are Batman (which wouldn't be the case here since the prompt says that both sides have knowledge of each other abilities and weakness), Green Arrow and maybe Cyborg, the others would be overkill, if it was DCAU JL It might be more interesting since most characters in the DCAU are extremely nerfed in comparasion to their comic book counterpart, but even then in pretty sure the JL would also stomp.

  21. If we include the comics then the Megazord of the og Power Rangers can keep up with Zedd who was able to one shot Superman Wonder Woman and Green Lantern at the same time which we know it's crazy, and most Megazords from later series seems to be stronger than the og Megazord, and since Madara have the susanoo i think it would be safe to assume the Rangers would have their megazords as well

  22. Gets more people to get premium when another streaming service doesn't have it or they don't want to use an illegal site

  23. That's a regional problem tho, as far as i know in Japan and in America there are all parts.

  24. It's because they are trying to get everyone to make Crunchyroll premium, i made Crunchyroll primaraly for JoJo when i get into it, since it's not on pay i think i will delete it after finishing My Hero Academia season 5

  25. I can't believe Toriyama created Luffy before Oda did lmao.

  26. Nonsense, Zamasu had a dead man fused to him after eating a ki blast

  27. That was really Zamasu Immortal body not doing well with Black mortal body.

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