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  1. I also have a Echo Studio and heard they were updating the audio but how do we know when our Echo's have been updated?

  2. All you can do is check the Alexa app, under your Studio and about, and look to see when the firmware version changes. 8087720068 was just pushed out to mine two or three days ago.

  3. I have that version. I wish they would give us details of what the update provides.

  4. The iPhone reactions and other features are server side and have no bearing on the version of the app on your phone.

  5. My family and I just got the Show 15 and our calendar keeps doubling our events and I can't figure out why. My wife and I both use Google Calendar to add appointments but when they show up on the Alexa Show they are doubled or saying Untitled Event. Is there a setting I need to set so it doesn't do this?

  6. I bought this car trash can for my car years ago and still use it.

  7. Be lucky you got it when u did now that the 2.0T is gone, I put a deposit on a 2022 Sport 2.0T last week so I got lucky , just gotta wait for it to be shipped to me which will hopefully be in December

  8. I will be trading in my 2022 Touring for the 2023 Hybrid Touring

  9. It's when you reply to a specific message. Basically swipe to the right on the message and you can reply to specifically that message

  10. How do they sell the GOW edition without the GOW controller? I don't understand that

  11. Well according to other car websites Honda is expected to release everything about the Accord here in November.

  12. I went ahead and put a deposit on a 2022 2.0T sport mainly because of the 2.0T , ive heard the hybrid is gonna replace it and I don’t mind hybrids you just can’t modify them

  13. I have the 2022 Touring and absolutely love it. I've always had a lower model Accord but the Touring is a huge step up.

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