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  1. W for the Arsenal P&P, really wanted him & got him, but can’t link him to anyone in this year’s chem system & he doesn’t look good on 0.

  2. Same here for me buddy, never enjoy cards I buy off the market nearly as much as untradeable ones. Hope you got lucky with your pack!

  3. Got 5 gold rares lol, will still try again though

  4. Ya sounds about right lol hey if you don’t try you’ll never know and there’s only a few months left so definitely the time to go for it.

  5. Honestly at times this community needs a slap in the face and that's being generous

  6. Report if you feel he cheated, then the system did check his games, and if he really did cheat, will refund ur points back to you with extra points you would have gotten if u won, then he might probably get banned, but if he didn't oh well, better luck next game.

  7. Simplest answer, Ng8 will either force a draw by repetition if king goes e8, then Nf6 and black is eventually forced to go on the D-file or moves are repeated, and black loses a rook with check

  8. His move to psg still feels like a fever dream

  9. 6 (442 minutes) according to Transfermarkt. He scored one goal but that was one was a banger iirc

  10. It just had to be montiel to score the winning pen

  11. Of course I bought it before seeing this post

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