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  1. The 18,000th "Jord is dead" era is getting old guys. - JumboSnausage 2023

  2. You are just new and don't fully grasp the concept of this community, been watching since the basement days about 12 subs, you will learn eventually.

  3. The phrase an unstoppable force meets an immovable object makes it seem like they should just both die or both live

  4. Nah I was vet, just staying for my points and watching it unfold

  5. They used the three seashells. Don't tell me you don't know how to use the three seashells?

  6. Let’s be real. Based on Dudley’s size, diet, and lack of physical activity until OotP, there’s no way his underwear was going to the laundry un-skid marked.

  7. Ickle Diddykins definitely had his Ickle Skiddykins taken care of by Petunia while Vernon proudly boasted that he was just “leaving his mark on the world”

  8. Same, apparently my mental health is worse than I realized.

  9. Wtf does he need a break for? Did cena need a break? No excuses. You wanted the titles you gotta deal with everything that comes with it!

  10. Not everyone is miserable going to there job JumboGlizzy

  11. Bet you’d be miserable if you had to go to your job every single working day for a year.

  12. Tired of Lesnar. Same schtick every time. He was played out over the run with Reigns for the title.

  13. While I see your point, IRL, I feel like Brock would murder Omos. Or..most people for that matter.

  14. Four minutes of an excruciatingly painful assault on the visual senses.

  15. I think bi may be more of a spectrum. Some more gay and some more straight

  16. When she hits her head and becomes "Mean Dee" in The Gang Buys A Roller Rink. The way she makes fun of the way that they're talking was so funny.

  17. I honestly like Sister Abigail, it's a strong finisher but you obviously are entitled to your own opinion ofcourse u can like or dislike it.

  18. I honestly for a second thought this was just a fancier sister Abigail

  19. Depends. Usually, he's streaming while I'm at work or when I'm in bed. Sometimes I get lucky and he's streaming while I'm at the gym, which provides lots of entertainment

  20. He is so clueless how real life works. Clint kept him in some fantasy world and now this is what you get, a 32yo clueless man. My 8 year old understands the world better than Jord.

  21. Im almost 32…he’s honestly a roadmap of what could be if the wrong decisions were made

  22. I have searched for the above on google but for the life of me can’t make any progress on the findings

  23. It’s restricting the flow of traffic, of course it increases it.

  24. Dropping to 30 isn’t really an issue if your ability to think logically is a bit slower than others now is it

  25. Reducing the speed limit reduces the capacity of the road meaning fewer cars can travel on the same road at the same time, thus causing congestion.

  26. The freedom of speech law in the constitution specifically refers to stopping the government from prosecuting people and preventing them from saying what they want to say.

  27. Is “shut the fuck up” limiting someone’s free speech? Cause honestly, that guy needs to just shut the fuck up.

  28. Yes, you can get reported (and suspended)for targeting people based on their name alone. Same goes for their in game skin/house/pet.

  29. Really? What if it’s killing based on the name for a hilarious death note?

  30. you think he would let a stranger into clean his home. also the first glimpse of that carpet the cleaner will up and leave

  31. You are not understanding. No way he will allow a stranger to come in and start cleaning his place.

  32. What if she’s an of age, hot goth, consenting, non related, alive, human, cisgendered cleaning lady?

  33. Eh who gives a shit. I keep my whiskey in the freezer. Sometimes I mix with Coke, or DEAR GOD NO add ice to it.

  34. If you know Jameson's is shit, why do you care if he mixes it?

  35. Jamesons isn’t shit, it’s still tasty, it’s just bottom shelf tasty.

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