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  1. I don’t see how it’s a flagship unique. I’ve been playing since beta and tried HH one league and got bored of it.

  2. No, they've already announced they're planning a mid-league patch to fix it.

  3. Why would you need a second beta? So you can kill more crocodiles for hours lol

  4. You sound like a super casual, you want to stand in town til your daily LFG pops and get teleported to the dungeon. You don’t want to work, as a group for the legendary dungeon access, just have it handed to you daily, which means nobody will ever work towards access.

  5. LOL not at all, I even said " once unlocked 1 free run per day would be fantastic! " You would still have to unlock it , learn to read before you throw shade. And no i dont spend any time in town unless crafting, i just love dungeons and want more access to them.

  6. I just want minimap, and i would not be opposed to faster travel while on roads and not in combat ...

  7. Typically you just buy them in bulk weeks 1-2. It's not even really overpaying, you profit more than what they cost to buy. For example, I was buying Amorphous orbs for 9-13c in bulk at league start. Even at 13c, I was never losing money at all. The big sellers like Fertile catalyst always sell for more in bulk, period. I think it's 40-45c for 10 early on for example. I usually run like 20 60% deli maps and end up with like 80-100 fertile catalyst alone from upgrading the ones worth less than 1c. The reason I upgrade is that fertile just sell quicker and more consistently for me, so it may be a slight dip in profit, but eh. It's how I farmed 200ex or so early on. The only really bad thing like others pointed is well buying them. That's why I just went with bulk, someone always had at least 20-40 from flipping them, I just bought from the flipper, we all profit. Do note this is after I was buying them 1 by 1 to have a base start to consider bulk buying.

  8. Awesome, thnx for the info...i never figured the time trading for things like this would be worth ... what build did you use? just trying to figure out the best play for my 3.14 start as ill actually have time around the launch this time

  9. Yes, you missed the part where that player had a trader. But realistically its not that hard to "sustain" them by buying them, its just a pain. You should have the currency regardless if you push in the manner that player did.

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