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  1. Wow! Thanks you guys so much! Based on your replies, I just bought a pack of cups that I found pleasing. It is a 5-pack and I will put one in each room that I’m typically in, and try to drink or refill it every time I see it. I’ll set alarms on my phone (although historically I tend to ignore them, but I’ll have hope this time.) I’ll keep drinking sparkling water, and add in a little juice or tea to my still water to make it more drinkable!! thanks!!!

  2. Is it like a taste thing or something else? I don't like room temp water at all so i always have to use ice.

  3. It’s just like my brain is like ew water no we hate that. like before I even put it to my lips I’m like oh my gosh no please. I sensory seek with soda for example. Water is just missing something for me.

  4. I spoke to them! They both apologized profusely and told me that it was sincerely a mistake and he would never want to make me uncomfortable at all. They also bought me a ridiculously expensive gift. As long I never see him like that again I’m gravy! lol.

  5. Whenever DB is in their bedroom with the door open I just make it a point to not be anywhere near it. Like how when I was a kid and went to go get water in the middle of the night, I would avoid looking at the windows just in case.

  6. the crazy part is he wasn’t anywhere near the bedroom when I went up. He was in his open room office so I frankly thought he would still be sitting right where I saw him when I went into baby’s room

  7. For clothes specifically: I tried on every single item in my closet on the day of the month that I felt the least cute and wonderful. If the item of clothing didn’t make me feel comfortable or lovely on that worst day, I thanked it for its journey with me, bagged it up and gave it away. Now someone else can have the joy of wearing it. I can tell you I haven’t thought about a single thing that I bagged up.

  8. When you asked why she don’t want to diagnose you, what did she say? It may be a cost thing if you’re in the United States and/or if you have any benefits that the diagnosis would negatively impact

  9. She explained the part about the feelings and successful relationship. We didn’t go into anything else. Having an official diagnosis can be a bad thing? Can you tell me how?

  10. It’s gonna be mega expensive for me to get my diagnosis as an adult, maybe it’d be the same for you?

  11. I don’t understand how they can make anyone pay to be identified appropriately, like what are they making us pay for exactly is what I’m not understanding.

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