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AITA for not gifting my nephew as nice a gift as his cousins because his parents are poor?

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  1. Trust me, lots of recipes on line taste absolutely disgusting and asking people for their recipes that taste good is far better than Google!

  2. You need 4 things for a relationship (and I'm talking romantic, platonic, familial):

  3. To tac on, all of these need to be built over time with a foundation of action. If someone is guilting a person for not "trusting" them, then that isn't necessarily the doubters failure.

  4. Oh I totally agree, that was just a very simplistic way to state it. All relationships take time and hard work, and all elements will ebb and flow.

  5. I'm thinking troll because when you confront them with logic they just wrote a new post....

  6. They do add something to the world, the arts are also a valid field. Music had helped people through some really tough times and people can connect with it and it can bring them joy or understanding. Music is a universal language too, it doesn't matter what language someone is singing in, you can tell if a song is happy or sad or made to make you dance.

  7. I get it..Some people like to make music..But i don't think thhey should do just that..Try to make the world more systematic..Make the world more great

  8. Systematic is the death of individuality. I work with children with learning disabilities and complex health care needs, what system do you think they would be able to fit into?

  9. I DO want to die that is what I did last time but it takes a few days to die from dehydration and I don't have any resources I was going to do it without anyone knowing so I left and went where no one can find me but the idiot police came I don't have to do a certain thing in order to truly hate life and humans I absolutely hate life and humans I didn't come here intending for people to respond I came here to vent pen and paper could be a place to do it but I didn't know that before I'm only answering because people replied to my post I still hate humans so much I'm not directly forcing my posts on anyone others are simply choosing to comment on my posts they could easily ignore me this is NOT a cry for help it's not it's not it's not a cry for help it shouldn't sound like one I'm doing everything I can to make it clear that I don't want help how come you think the opposite when I'm trying so hard to not sound like a cry for help and this is not a cry for help it shouldn't sound like one every thing I say is true when I say I don't want help I mean it I don't want help I'm not reaching out by posting I'm just venting I will not accept help I will go into the forest to kill myself alone and I don't want the self proclaimed family to call the police to look for me again I already rejected family they are forced family I don't want it I want to be left alone so I can dehydrated to death alone in the forest I would never have come here if I had succeeded when I tried I am planning to go I just need to work out a way to not let those self proclaimed forced family to call the police to ruin everything and I have to take at least three days to die from dehydration but once I successfully do there will be no more posts from me then I will stop because I will be dead I can't wait to die

  10. Because you wouldn't be telling people you want to die, you would just go do it. And have you heard the phrase "the lady doth protest too much"? The more you try to make it sound like this isn't a cry for help, the more you respond and engage, the more you post, the more you try and come up with pretty pathetic reasons why you haven't done it yet (I'm a really positive person and i can thing of several ways to end myself which are both instant and free) these all scream as a cry for help from someone very young and very ill.

  11. I didn't tell them I left where I live to go and die in the woods and those self proclaimed family called the police to look for me I never told them and I didn't know back then that they would do that I didn't tell anyone my plan I know better than that if it looks like a cry for help it's NOT it really is NOT only I can decide if I'm ill or not and I choose not I'm 16 and yes I am having a tantrum on here because I have no where else to do it actions don't mean anything about me I only say what I mean even if it doesn't look like that I did scream that I wanted to be alone I gave the self proclaimed family a huge telling off for everything however one thing I did NOT do is scream I don't want to live I would never say that out loud because I know it will ruin plans I know better than that I did NOT scream out loud I want to die it was all secret I went into the woods when the self proclaimed family that I rejected family membership from called the police when I did not return you see I never directly told them also there is no anymore I never wanted to live in the first place I never use the word anymore because it never was with me in the beginning I never wanted to live so anymore would imply I once wanted to live which is not true at all after all of this I realise that I didn't have the best original plan and should have found some other way to have succeeded and I also recognise how dangerous it is to say all this online because while I'm anonymous and no one knows who I am in real life it's very easy to recognise me by some of my language and the way I speak and that is really dangerous to my plan something I did not know 2 months ago when I joined Reddit however now that I have realised that as much as I try to not make my situation look like a cry for help people just believe it is when it truly is not I now see that I have made a huge mistake I only came here to vent and ease the trauma of my failure I only tried to improve my situation now I know I made it so much worse maybe this is not the place I wish I could have known that before I came here it's only now I recognise how I have unknowingly severely damaged my chances of successfully killing myself if not ruined them completely by venting the way I feel and spoke to people in real life if any forced helpers have Reddit and see this post they could work out who it is it's only now I have realised and regret coming here I only thought I could vent and write how I feel without risking my new plans that is completely not the case I don't regret coming here because of the hate I got I don't care about that I regret coming here because I made myself look like the one thing I tried so hard to not be associated with as well as exposing myself unintentionally I never meant to make my situation worse but I did and it's all because I thought this would ease my trauma until I finally succeed to die it has done the opposite that is why I no longer trust the internet or anything online you have made me realise how I messed up and why I look like what I try so hard not to be associated with and without you I wouldn't have realised how I have exposed myself into a corner it took another person to really make me think about how this is actually dangerous venting online so I guess this was not all bad because without it I wouldn't have realised that as much as I try not to look like a cry for help I end up looking like it and that actions don't always act in line with words now that I know this I know what I was doing wrong I will not continue as much as I can ignoring the damage already done and leave this horrible world I will be at peace then

  12. I will just point out to you that by reaching out on here, you have made some realisations about yourself and situation that you had no way of understanding without the HELP of other people. I get the feeling that things are happening in your life that you cant control so you are trying to control everything about yourself, which is just damaging you more. You go on about how your mind is the only thing that decides what happens when that's just not true. If it was then simply stop breathing or simple stop your heart from beating with the power of your thought - pretty impossible or you would have done it already. Accepting that some things are out of your control and the best way to get control of yourself is to reach out and learn healthy ways to deal with what's going on in your life.

  13. I do not resent my husband, i do think he is being overly sensitive towards L because they shared similar childhoods but I’m grateful to have him and I’m sure L will grow up and become a hard worker to not love a similar life as his parents

  14. So what you're saying is, you're gonna to treat an innocent child like shit because they are poor?

  15. I actually found when I took a more laid back approach to dating, guys tended to leave me for someone far more 'clingy'. It might be you've connected with guys who want that intensity but haven't felt it yourself so ultimately you're not compatible. I'm taking the approach of living my life for me and if someone wants to partner up and we are going in the same direction then that's cool, but it's not the most important thing to have a partner in my eyes!

  16. I actually found when I took a more laid back approach to dating, guys tended to leave me for someone far more 'clingy'. It might be you've connected with guys who want that intensity but haven't felt it yourself so ultimately you're not compatible. I'm taking the approach of living my life for me and if someone wants to partner up and we are going in the same direction then that's cool, but it's not the most important thing to have a partner in my eyes!

  17. I'm just gonna pull you up for the comment that you obviously did something to push her away because that is utter BULLSHIT!

  18. I understand it was her choice but I still can't help but blame myself. When she got sick and lost her job I kept getting on her about house chores (she kind of did the same to me when I was without a job a few months finishing college) and I'm sure that didn't help any. The guy online we had been fighting because of my siblings (who have moved out now) and it shouldn't really matter but definitely hurts that she told him she wasn't married.

  19. Then possibly post this on a relationship advice sub or surviving infidelity sub as they will probably have the most relevant advice, good luck!

  20. This is a tough and heartbreaking situation for both of you. It would have taken a lot of courage for her to open up to you, and I would definitely advise taking some time to think things through. It basically boils down to a simple question - is the love you have for her more than your desire to have sexual intimacy. And neither answer is a wrong answer, it's all about personal preference. You entered this relationship with sex being part of it, now that this part of the relationship has changed, so can your feelings on whether you wish to proceed.

  21. Thank you for your kind words. Not everyone would take time out of their day to offer advice especially as much as you did so again thank you

  22. No problem, you seemed so genuine and lost and I totally get that feeling! You aren't alone in this, your partner is also going through a tough time and there's more people out there who are going through exactly the same things! Good luck and remember that communication is always the best thing to keep on top of!

  23. Move to octopus they have an option to pay what you use each month and any credit they owe you will be given back in 4 - 6 weeks. You may be able to find a slightly better tariff with another supplier. But I chose octopus

  24. More likely that only one person knows how to do the job and said person has been treated badly and rage quit on the spot so they've not got anyone who can train you! Plus HR usually have no idea about the actual job requirements and just use a standard template. A lot of interviews are now based on how many points you score by using whatever buzz words are in this week. So if a job is advertised as no experience required, some excellent candidates are being turned away because they don't know the buzz words and HR say no! Bloody ridiculous!

  25. NTA My youngest daughter's dad had nothing to do with her because I still do things with my oldest daughters with their dad. Apparently I'm a terrible Mum because of it?

  26. I’m actually not sure there is to be honest. Maybe the petrol station down James street near “The Pools” or the service station on the M6 “Southwaite” but that’ll keep a stupid journey.

  27. The esso near bowling is open 24/7, 365. Very handy when your toddler drops the milk on Christmas morning and need to get a replacement!

  28. I get on great with my parents, they have always loved and encouraged me to be me, not a mini version of them. I live at the other end of the country from my folks and talk to them pretty much daily and go visit them or they come visit me every 6 weeks or so.

  29. YTA. There's a difference between being Frank and being Dick. If you can't figure out what that means, there's a little thing called tact.

  30. There's a difference between READING and COMPREHENDING. If you can't figure out what that means there's a little thing called schooling.

  31. Ferries will only accept passports as valid ID to travel to Ireland, I learnt that the hard way!

  32. Honestly I’m afraid to tell my new therapist all of this, even though this is what his job is for. How does one get comfy saying this all out loud

  33. Just wanted to say there's no such thing as normal, what is seen as normal where you are is vastly different from normal somewhere else!

  34. OP literally stated in their post that they are fixated on this.

  35. This is a troll who keeps going on these rants, feel free to join me reporting them, there's a while lot of us who do!

  36. They usually either go slightly cross eyed trying to figure out if I was insulting them or not, or they say "well that's not a nice thing to say" to which I reply "oh? Do you not feel like you deserve a good life? Is there something you feel bad about?" With a major ott look of concern on my face..

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