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  1. When I was watching the Gundam 00 Movie and the opening was playing, I literally thought 'omg, this sounds like Muse!'. Also The Back Horn, but a different song (I think it was called 閉ざされた世界).

  2. Yeah this song remind me off darkshine and assassin

  3. Love Euphoria lol it’s a top 3 on the album for me

  4. It has never been played live I believe. One of the few album songs for which that is true. Go to many concerts, make sure you are at the front and carry a falling away with you sign then there might be a chance.

  5. Yes, this is the one thing I hope people will do when they attend the show. Maybe they will see the sign and start to practise it for the next show.

  6. Probably slim to none tbh. I’d also like to hear it live, but the chances at this point are so low. It’s not popular enough to play on the main tours, so it’d probably be more suited for the small venue tour they’re doing at the moment, although I’m not sure it brings the “energy” that they’re aiming for at those ones (I was at the wiltern show and they seem to only be playing heavier stuff with the obvious hits). All that being said, the chance is always there for them to do a by request gig or maybe they’ll just play it.

  7. You right.. Even matt said on twitter that they prefer riffs.Just hope they can atleast play it once

  8. There is one thing I'm not understand.. I try to plus length of each track in this album and only got 36:18 minutes long.. Where did 2 more minute go Is there any songs that length is not accurate??

  9. According to Wikipedia, the album’s length adds up to 37:40, or just under 38 minutes. I think you may have fudged your math a little bit.

  10. true. i do think that knights is a natural closer, but it would be dope to have something different at the end, you know?

  11. Exactly. At the very least on the Wotp World Tour. Then I don't care if KOC closes the show forever

  12. Yeah.. However, based on what I heard from someone who has previously heard this song, It could be a great closer because of the outro.

  13. Dude muse just post this on their ig story

  14. This is why I can't stand with lgbt supporters. Get triggered by a simple joke🤣

  15. the actual story was the when he went to go scuba diving the scuba expert filled his tank with only half of the oxygen so he would drown. Why he did it is kinda unknown but matt thinks it was because the expert wanted his girlfriend at the time

  16. think I've heard this story before. When envy and jealousy can get you to kill someone.

  17. Planet Coaster PS5 and the graphics are really good

  18. to me, the only album i still have to warm up to is Simulation Theory, and even then, the more i listen to the songs i like, the more i love them, which is why it's so frustrating for me that there are also songs that i don't really like or think they fit in the album. Every other album to me is a masterpiece, from Showbiz to Drones, with little to no songs that i don't care for.

  19. Finish the concert with we are fucking fucked? Look nice.

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