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  1. a tight pussy has destroyed whole kingdoms and dynasties in earth's history.

  2. She was railroaded by half of the Middle East, dude....

  3. Wine and pills, her usual until she can't hear Howard and Ralph having sex anymore

  4. What?? She's innocent! Just look at her hot bod and doe eyes!!

  5. At least he's a Republican

  6. Howard Stern needs to come out of the closet - I mean, it's fucking 2022 and all his fans left 20 years ago

  7. or wants to sleep next to her.....

  8. That's Doll Siete - look at the fake pink plastic hand....

  9. I thought she left yoga 12 years ago to be a celebrity influencer??? So confused....

  10. sad, lonely, pathetic....

  11. THIS IS WHAT SHE WANTS. Her photo reposted everywhere in that stupid dress. At that stupid event. So I removed every single post just to piss her off.

  12. So Edu was knowingly a "death sentence" baby that she fully expected to die. More shit for him to talk about with his psychiatrist when he's older

  13. My favorite stripper at Scores used to dance to Pour Some Sugar on Me in that dress before the place was shut down for drugs and prostitution..... 😔

  14. Arms like hung sausage in a butcher shop

  15. oh, Hillary is just about there

  16. I'm looking forward to the "Siete's First Trip to the ER" for pneumonia post

  17. I'm a lawyer, and - legally in the State of New York - Hillary showing her DISGUSTING bare feet in public is, in fact, considered a HATE CRIME

  18. I love this podcast, in general

  19. This "laugh" scares the shit out of me. Hillary is legit crazy.....

  20. This was Carmen. The only child she was remotely interested in as a baby.

  21. let's hope Carmen doesn't also have a psychotic break laughing when she gives birth in high school

  22. she's muy intellectualato and serioso.....

  23. I think it's a pager-type device so she can just press it and get a new baby whenever she wants

  24. She's pressed it 15 times since Siete was handed to her because Siete just ain't cutting it

  25. She did 365 of these. Spent a whole year showing off in public like the world's most exhausting 6-year-old.

  26. "Look what I can do! Look what I can do!!"

  27. I'm actually FLOORED that she hasn't labeled Rafa as on the Spectrum (whether it's true or not) and milked that dry for content and views

  28. Plot twist, Alec divorces her, kicks her out, marries one of the nannies and then writes a tell-all book about living with a mental ill, drug addicted, faker

  29. My first thought was Raggamuffin Raf, but I actually think Leo! He seems to be quietly observing and taking in all the madness and chaos around him so he can churn out that page turner some day. He seems so deep. 😌

  30. Agree and I'm just not getting the book writing vibe from Rafa

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