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  1. "wow, that's pretty good CGI". When I found out it was not CGI I thought, "wow, that's great make up".

  2. When I found out it was not make up I thought, "wow, that's an amazing lookalike"

  3. The series isn't over, there's obviously gonna be another reboot.

  4. This sub now is just full of posts that aren't even related to the sub. It's just people mispelling

  5. its a joke yall are taking this shit way too seriously

  6. They didn't make this, it was drawn by HotDiggedyDemon

  7. It's a green electric box thing that people used to sit on as kids. But the post is about how this person put 2000-2015 in the same generation.

  8. From the early 2010s to the early 2020s is gen alpha, the kid is either a late gen z'er or a early-mid gen alpha

  9. theres so many different gen z and alpha timelines so whatever you think is fine

  10. Hello there! Unfortunately, your post has been removed.

  11. I can see this dub with my eyes closed.

  12. its so cool that its too impressive

  13. How long did it take until they got a cease and desist from Nintendo?

  14. bro wrote it in 2 different comments, someone might find him saying joe mama and not understand why because they can't find the last comment.

  15. Can we just ban Ohio from the fucking sub💀


  17. i can't tell if youre actually serious or not 💀

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