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Guy throws rave on stream

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  1. Computer suggestions for editing and script supervising?

  2. Tim Burton is deeply racist and problematic.

  3. Really? This is the first I have heard about it.

  4. Thank you, they have a lot of really good points. He shuld not be incharge of this show and it explains why they all look so white.

  5. You would think DC would want to be more diverse. I really don't think there casting is a good pick, I will probably skip this one, I'm Still disappointed though.

  6. I doubt WB actually cares about being diverse in good spirits. They hired two of the most racist directors to direct Batgirl soooo

  7. What really! Wow it's a hard time to be a DC fan Edit: K I just looked it up I wasn't expecting two guys to be directing the BatGIRL movie but at this point I should be use to that kind of BS. Are they rasist because of their movie black? I never have heard of it or seen it.

  8. That’s what I was thinking!! Like they had to have done something that box wasn’t there for nothing, plus they were all over each other practically the whole time. And It made no sense to me how at the reunion she was the one who started raising her voice first at Zay then she just continued to scream don’t talk over me like she wasn’t the one that started talking over people.

  9. Could it be possible that the box was a gift from the producers to try and spice things up for TV? My guess is that it definitely was and in a way it worked But not in the way they thought. That explains why they didn't bring it up at the Reunion. those screams were coming from a woman who just found out she was gaslighted and was right all along theres a lot of pain and emotions that came up to the surface.

  10. You could be right about the box being a gift, but it definitely seemed like Rae and jake used it based off of how they were talking about the box after zay found it. As far as her screaming because she just found out, she watched the show before the reunion so she would’ve seen it before hand, so her acting like she just found out confused me.

  11. She also said that was the first time she saw the footage of April twerking. It's entirely possible that she never got to watch the show before the reunion or she was given an edited version. Apparently the reunion was filmed in February, way before it was out on Netflix. But who knows at this point I don't care anymore Pepole are going to believe what they want and the only ones that know for sure are Rae and Jake.

  12. It's 8 pm, you come home to your house after 10 hours at work, no wife no kids. Too tired to make dinner, all you feel like doing is playing a quick match of your favorite game. Your exhaustion is so important that you are unable to clearly see who is an opponent and who isn't. Tears drop slowly on your face as you can hear the absolute fire lit rave the 13yo enemy is doing in his place after killing you in front of hundred of people live, and thousands on Reddit.

  13. I keep watching the video and thinking of your comment and I can't stop laughing. I have a 13 year old brother and you pritty much described my life, so yah it hits home. That little shit has so much time and Energy.

  14. Even some anime is considered cancon because some of it is dubbed in Canada by oceans productions.

  15. The Canadian version of Cardcaptors is the only version worth watching! It's just impossible to find it now. When I was baby sitting my niece I put cardcaptor Sakura on for her and thought it was the same as when I was a kid, I was wrong It was unwatchable. Super annoying and squeeky and not to mention Sakura being totally boy crazy. I get it's more athletic to the manga but dang I miss the Canadian version it was so good!

  16. I have a well educated friend of Hungarian descent in Germany and even he has been reached by the propaganda. It’s insane how we used to hang out in a crowd consisting of like 50% lbgtq and now he’s a full on Orban supporter with all that it means.

  17. There is an excellent show about the brain on Netflix called the mind explained. one episode is about brain washing it's really interesting and it might help you figure out why your friend became "brainwashed" and how to help them.

  18. It's called THE CHEEKY MONKEY, by Tim Ferguson. Enjoy!

  19. Awesome thanks I will definitely check it out

  20. Looks like Minecraft to me

  21. It definitely looks like Minecraft

  22. This is the first time I have actually watched a Tucker Carlson interview. how my American family members argue with me on things we don't agree makes a lot more sense.

  23. I just told my boyfriend I wanted a detachable shower head he said no because I'm too much of a pervert XD

  24. Just tell him the benefits of having a detachable shower head for cleaning the shower. Be sure to explain how the ones with the massage setting is really good for getting old soap scum out of tile.

  25. alright fuck that where can I find the manga I've been anime only up to this point and now I realise that was a bad idea

  26. There is no official English manga release yet but you can find fan translation ones

  27. Stone Ocean English chapters are being weekly released digitally by Viz Media on the Shonen Jump app.

  28. I love your points! I would like to add something about, if you decide to use negative consequences or punishment. I believe a short time-out can work very well, but it's not always the best choice. A part of what you're trying to do is prepare your child for the adult world, where certain actions have certain consequences. That's why I think your basis should be "The punishment should fit the crime", if possible. The consequence should be a logical or natural consequence to the behaviour you're trying to change. Some examples could be: If I am playing with a child and they start throwing toys at me or something similar, I will explain to them that they are hurting me and if they do it again I will stop playing with them (and actually do so, if necessary). Another example could be, if your child made a mess, they have to clean it up or at least help with it. In my experience it is far easier for a child to accept and understand a consequence, if it logically follows their behaviour.

  29. Me, having flashbacks of my mom vacuuming up my Legos after I wouldn't clean them up for a whole week.

  30. So, most candy dislikes I get. Circus Peanuts, sure, they're artificial-tasting and have an odd texture. Black licorice, strong medicinal plant flavor. Wax Lips, what the fuck I didn't even realize those are edible. But the fact that seemingly tons of people dislike candy corn was truly a surprise to me when I found out—for the life of me I just don't fundamentally grasp what's not to like about them. Great taste, great texture, a real 10/10.

  31. I think it's because so many people got sick off of it as kids. I ate so many cinnamon hearts one time as a kid and puked them all up now I can't eat anything even remotely cinnamon related without gagging.

  32. Year old quality Street Christmas chocolate, makes me shudder thinking about it so gross. Also three Musketeers and Mars bars so gross.

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