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Girls, what’s the downside of being a female?

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  1. All the more reason and right to voice my opinion on the gringo tourists and carpet bagger gringos touristifying and sucking the soul out of the remaining authenticity out of what was once a brilliant neighborhood I’ve lived in for 25 years and raised my kids in. It fucking sucks. Maybe the worst people are the Colombians who suck up to these people.

  2. As an 80s immigrant gringo, for the most part, I can’t stand these new ex pats, who’ve come to touristify and gentrify and dabble with young women, and get this illusion of hepness and coolness and know-it-all cultural bs. They’re all over the hostal-restaurant-bar-“cultural” scene. It was a joy to see their demise in the pandemic, but they are rising again. I try to control the bitterness they instill in me

  3. Older Girls and women maybe yes, children no. I am a young woman myself hanging out with women all my life and I am sure I know better than you do how we experience and what we experience. Maybe it's common in modern usa because of again oversexualization of every aspect of life, but pedophilia was always considered a sick thing, it was not common and never will be untill humans have such thing as law and morals.

  4. DO work on your appearance but do it for YOU..once he sees your change he’ll probably change as well and that’s when you move on with your life by yourself.

  5. I once stumbled upon the neighborhood of Victorian houses in Echo Park which was kinda neat

  6. Guatemalan worry dolls. Each one represents a worry/wish.

  7. Would a pair of jeans without rips and a plain black t shirt be good or is that too causal?

  8. Maybe some plain dark wash jeans in a classic cut

  9. A friend at school in rural countryside begged her dad for “Mcdonald’s hamburgers” because she heard everyone talking about them. Her dad finally put ground beef in the fridge in a brown paperbag and wrote “McDonald’s” in marker on the bag. She was THRILLED she was having Mcdonald’s hamburgers and it was years before she realized she had been duped.

  10. Quizás es su semana del mes y tiene doble pañal 😂

  11. Are you really that incapable of meeting women outside of work?

  12. What a gorgeous baby! Male or female? Whatever the gender, Voidlet's eyes are stunning.

  13. No judgement..everyone’s situation is different

  14. Are you sure those are your “friends”?

  15. Don’t hit on your coworkers. You’ll be saving yourself a lot of stress in the long run…

  16.’re just gonna stay home and eat bonbons? Saying this as a woman..

  17. We do have eyes you know..we can see when it’s POSITIVE changes vs the latest pope “visit”….

  18. Being called a girl..I’m 37. I’ve earned my stripes

  19. Fresh groceries? Where are you gonna find it in the hood?

  20. Gotta make an effort to travel outside the hood. My health and beliefs matter more than “convenience”.

  21. I’m a POC and I’m plant based and pretty much try to not include items that were not here pre contact ( dairy, pork, etc) aka decolonizing my diet. 😎

  22. He’s almost 80 but still in good shape

  23. We stayed at a resort in AZ once that had little outdoor gas fire pits they would turn on after sundown, and bring around s’mores fixin’s. We shared a pit with a British family who had never heard of s’mores. That was a fun night.

  24. I did something similar but I’m American and I’m actually not a fan of s’mores:/

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