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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. Have the in-person lectures returned or will they continue being online? I‘ve emailed the institute, but haven‘t had a response in ages!

  2. No problem at all. I'm really sorry to hear they haven't gotten back to you yet, they could certainly do better than that!

  3. What do you mean that’s it’s just temporary? Will the results go away once I stop listening to the subs??

  4. I think OP meant that listening to the same song in a sub is temporary because you can stop listening once you get your desired results. Looping a sub with a song and therefore hearing the same song over and over can be annoying (reasons why I prefer calm subs with rain sounds), that's why OP said you don't have to listen to this song on loop forever but just until you get your results.

  5. Can you recommend some? I have been looking for good mindset subliminals, so far not so positive results.

  6. No problem, I hope they'll help!!🥺 I've used baejin for years and talked to her on insta before and she was so sweet and gave me many tips when I was still newer in the sub community. As for duckling's outlet and Enchanted Workshop, I've heard many good things about them in this subreddit, so I checked them out as well. 🥺

  7. Wow these are amazing results!!😍👏🏻

  8. I'm not sure if you listen to frequencies as well but someone in this sub once recommended

  9. I think some of the damage was from binaural beats and frequencies actually...that lady that got exposed, I think I listened to her stuff and haven't been the same ever since. But thanks, I will try this nevertheless.

  10. Oh damn, I'm really sorry to hear this :( I'm not too well versed with frequencies but the person who recommended this also said it helped them with refreshing their mind from listening to too many subs and frequencies, so it might help? They also once recommended a frequency specifically for "frequency burnout" that may also help heal with this kind of damage? (But again, I'm really no expert in this but I thought I'll write what I've heard so far in case it might be helpful.)

  11. There's a few different ways of detaching from subs such as avoiding constantly checking in the mirror for results or trying to get out of the lack mentality and tell yourself that you already have your desire.

  12. meme me subliminals- total eye health. Sapien and quadible's files should also help.

  13. Omg thank you so much for the suggestions and I'm glad to hear these have helped you!! Meme me's is the only one I don't know yet so I'll definitely check it out and I've tried out sapien, quadible as well as akuo so I'll go back to using these, thanks again!!😊

  14. Hello! I am sorry this question is very cat-unrelated, but I wanted to ask on what phone you took this picture with? I wanna get a new phone and I love this quality 🥰😊 Thanks for answers!!

  15. Hii!!🥺 I took this with a Samsung Galaxy S22. It takes absolutely amazing photos!! Both the front and rear camera take high quality pictures and even when it's already getting dark outside the quality is still great. I was very positively surprised because I had a Samsung Galaxy S8 before that and even though its camera is good, the difference to the S22 is huge. 😂 So yeah, I've been gushing about the great photos ever since getting the phone so I can definitely recommend it!!🥰✨️

  16. Aww no problem!! I'm glad I could help🥺✨️♥️♥️♥️

  17. Amazing results!!! I’m so happy for you ❤️ I feel more motivated to listen to my sub playlist now. Thank you 🥰 I hope you get your desired results as soon as possible

  18. Aww thank you so much, you're so sweet!! I'm happy this gave you more motivation and I hope you get your desired results asap too!!🥺♥️

  19. Thank you so much <3 I've been looking for symmetrical eyelid subs , my left eyelids are way bigger than the right one's, hope those subs would work for me :)

  20. No problem!! <3 V1per and Lay are great sub makers as far as I know, so I hope they'll help you!!🥰

  21. I think it might be a mixture of repetition, consistency, belief, detachment, and self-love.

  22. thank you sm !! i'm glad you do <33

  23. omg I didn't know you were here on reddit!! I love your subs as well🥺✨️

  24. AWEEE, i'm happy to hear that !! 💗 to be honest, I'm not that often on reddit, just occasionally when I'm bored HDKAHHA

  25. Aww I see!! So cool to see you stopping by here every once in a while, though!!🥺💗 (I'm writing this while listening to a playlist with your subs lmao)

  26. The whole grind culture is damaging to your mental and physical health and I dislike that some people basically feel proud of working themselves to death without taking breaks for their own wellbeing. (I'm talking about people who can afford to take a break. But on that note; I am also angry that some people cannot afford that.)

  27. I have always been confused about the volume of his fields. In some of the fields, if you listen at a comfortable volume you don't hear anything in the beginning and then somewhere in the middle there is some music which you can hear. So am i supposed to turn the volume all the way up to hear something from the beginning or just let it be comfortable.

  28. I think you can let it be comfortable as long as the volume isn't on mute. Because the fields - if I understood correctly - are about the energy and not the sound of it, so it doesn't matter if you can't hear it well as long as the sound is on.

  29. aww no problem!! This app is literally the best thing I've ever discovered😍

  30. Hi I just downloaded the app could you please tell me what I'm supposed to click on?

  31. Hi, sure!! When you open the app, make sure to scroll to the bottom and turn on "Multi Sound". I think you can then select which apps you want to turn this on for - I just selected all apps. Then under "more volume settings" - this should be the second from the top, click on "Individual app volumes" and there you can add multiple apps whose volumes you want to control - for example, I have apps like Youtube, Youtube Music, and Spotify there.

  32. Hi, frequent v1per user here Yes it will slow down results, if v1per gives instructions on how to use a sub then you need to follow those for best results possible

  33. Okay that's good to know, thanks! I saw it's just her lion formula so I made sure to make a separate playlist for listen once subs. I'm excited to try out her subs

  34. I'd love to try it out as well!!🥺🙏🏻

  35. for me, detaching is not looking in the mirror!

  36. That's a good point! I used to look in the mirror to check quite often a few years ago but now I don't do that anymore.. I think I'm a lot more detached nowadays, I just hope that my mindset is also detached enough but I'm definitely working on that :)

  37. I truly think detachment is one of the keys to manifestation and getting results (at least for me) because I've been able to manifest things I was rather detached from on a whim/the same day. One time earlier this year, all it took for me to manifest something was one single passing thought. I randomly had this thought, was like "yeah that would be cool" and forgot about it because I didn't care... and it showed up two days later. I was mind-blown.

  38. Mine is probably such a stupid way of discovering subs😭 It was back in March 2018 and I was about to get into a relationship with a boy I liked. He was really insecure about his height and me being taller than him didn't help. I was googling and searching youtube for ways to get shorter because I didn't want to make him more insecure and so I found subliminal videos. I was intrigued and started trying them out. I did listen to decrease height subliminals for a bit but I actually never shrank - maybe because I didn't have a problem with my own height (I used to feel insecure about it due to all the insults I've gotten for it in the past but at that point I was already starting to embrace my height)

  39. There is no rule saying someone has to do that. Do it if you want to but it's perfectly fine and acceptable to live a childfree life without getting married to anyone. Not everyone has to follow what society deems the norm, do whatever makes you feel happy and fulfilled!!

  40. I, ACTUALLY DO remember when I got hurt in a stupid way, I was at a cousin's house roleplaying SpongeBob, it was the Hall Monitor one we were roleplaying, and I was SpongeBob. And when I had to do the scene were SpongeBob gets ran over by all the students, I saw another cousin was swinging, so I thought "that will make this PERFECTLY realistic", I got hit, and as far as I can tell I don't remember ANYTHING that happened that happened the rest of that day. I think I had to go to the ER but I think I remember us going home after that, but I also think I remember hearing blood even though it could've just been a minor concussion, either that or I have brain damage... I think that is what inspired me to post this question in the first place

  41. Omg I'm sorry to hear that you got hurt in that way😅 but roleplaying SpongeBob sounds so funny😭 when I fell off the couch and broke my arm I was roleplaying as Kim Possible so I feel you-

  42. Okay but cat pregnancy one just took me out 😂

  43. I'm surprised they didn't go even further and ask whether they'd give birth to a cat or a human😂

  44. Happy birthday Athena!! I hope you'll get a nice treat🥰🐱

  45. I would talk to them openly and tell them how I'm feeling. But I'd also make sure not to place blame and tell them it's not their fault but that I still wanted to express it to them because it's hurting me.

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