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  1. Afaik no. It’s a good question. Enh autopilot was only re-added past few months IIRC. Even if it was included, I’d expect marginal difference. The profit/vehicle they flex is from engineering their costs down every year. Operation leverage is a great graph to look up.

  2. "Except as otherwise set forth in a prospectus supplement, we intend to use the net proceeds from any sale of the securities described in this prospectus for our general corporate purposes, which may include repayment of our indebtedness, future repurchases of our common stock and financing possible acquisitions."

  3. Whoever bought my 1,000 puts this morning exp this Friday: You fucked up. Thank you.

  4. Is there a single reason not to load up on puts for towel co?

  5. If you’re buying calls in bed trash & beyond, you deserve worse than the Wendy dumpster

  6. This would be helpful if any one of the hundreds of CS agents I've spoken to actually had the ability to send outgoing emails.

  7. This was going to be my comment. This is just not possible for a lot of call centers and this post might give people a mistaken impression of a customer service rep trying to be difficult.

  8. It's not quiet, he won an MVP and made a Super Bowl and was consistently excellent until his final two years

  9. if i were to guess.... I think there are 2 idiosyncratic risks to the market right now.... GME and BBBY. How long til there are 5 idiosyncratic risks? Where does this all end? Hopefully, it ends with me having a thick wallet. Cheers, mates.

  10. It all ends in bailing out these POS market makers at the expense of retail investors getting fucked by the rigged casino and tax payers footing the bill.

  11. WE DONT GIVE AF BBBY TO 120000000 🖕🖕🔥🔥😎

  12. I mean yeah I’d love that. Not sure why I’m being downvoted for pointing out some market fuckery that allows a $19 South Carolina bank to shoot up 6000% in one day with a volume of 10k.

  13. MMs will always win, can’t be helped

  14. Fine then 10k lesson learned, that lesson it’s cheap as fuck to rig the game.

  15. That’s okay, as long as no one made a mildly critical video then we’re all good. Send your black team mates bananas, embezzle a bunch of money, sing racist songs all of this brings glory to the world of rugby as long as you don’t dare critiquing a ref in a video.

  16. I know this was meant as a joke but I actually do hate pranks lmao

  17. My issue with all the pranks is they border on actual assault and harassment and when the pranksters get the reaction they’re looking for (often an instinctual reaction to being physically threatened) then they act like a victim. I don’t give kids much leeway when it comes to actual assault, many of these posters probably don’t live in a big city and have to deal with out of control kids, how am I supposed to tel the difference between a kid about to mug me, or carjack me or kill me for some some stupid street clout vs a shit head pretending to do something similar for tik tok?

  18. So the kid was still assaulting the family? Where is that shown? He can probably use his eyes to see a kid standing there with nothing but a phone then running away to know the kid isn’t throwing anything else.

  19. Nah, go project your own shit on someone else. Only thing I’m for is not assaulting people for tik tok views.

  20. I personally would agree with that 100% but other people shouldn't be forced to see it that way if they don't want to.

  21. And no one is forcing them to see it that way, but they are trying to force LGBTQ+ into the closet using the government, using the groomer rhetoric which you yourself have parroted multiple times in this sub.

  22. This subreddit really can't go a day without fearmongering about how they are going to come after the LGBTQ community any day now.

  23. It doesn’t matter what his rationale is, the outcome will be the same. You minimising it doesn’t make it less of a threat. That’s just you trying to distance yourself from your own rhetoric, where you constantly fear monger LGBTQ+, from the logical outcome of a rightwing authoritarian taking it to the next step.

  24. This one sounds justified to me. Cops need to be better. We need actual standards nationwide for police, I’m talking associates in criminal justice and training that emphasises deescalation first.

  25. He’s still not great for fantasy. Hurts and others take some of the run game away from Sanders. They are stacked with weapons.

  26. Yeah I got fucked because his production dropped off a fucking cliff in the fantasy playoffs along with Mondre and A Jones. Just shit luck in fantasy.

  27. Yup just look at Desantis. Republicans cannot wait to get him into the White House so he can force companies to embrace the right wing culture wars.

  28. “Both sides are bad even though only one is doing this.”

  29. “Democrats would totally be forcing everyone to be queer trans blowjob welfare queens if they could” - every right libertarian

  30. Really not an area where climate change should be considered. Only patient care.

  31. This is the goal of fossil fuel companies, it’s not their fault it is yours as an individual, you have to give up meat, you have to recycle, you have to reduce your own foot print while they suffer no consequences for their actions.

  32. Is that not the libertarian utopia so many want to see? No licenses, no degrees, no oversight, this sort of shit is literally paraded around as the ultimate goal of many posters.

  33. News will be out during market hours today

  34. That would be nice, but I’m not holding my breath. Prepared to wait out February at this point.

  35. Good. Traffic stops do minor good for citizens with most stops being fishing trips to find drugs or warrants.

  36. Nah. Speaking from someone who lives in Philly, this ain’t it. People drive like lunatics, running reds, running stop signs, driving without a license plate or insurance. I’ve seen what no traffic enforcement is like and it’s shit quality of live for everyone.

  37. Show me any data that shows the before and after effects of the Driving Equity Bill and we can continue this convo. Anecdotes aren’t evidence.

  38. I’d far prefer we do something about the police, end their union, require an associates in criminal law, require deescalation as their primary tactic. Not give up on enforcing traffic laws and just sort of hope everything is fine.

  39. That's not what people are complaining about. People are complaining about being shoved, pissed on, beers thrown at, popcorn thrown at. That's whats happening in this thread.

  40. I went to a game once, eagles fans shoved me into a bathroom cut off my leg and made me eat it! Then they let me bleed to death on the bathroom stall. ANIMALS ALL OF THEM!

  41. Come to the aid of the person being bullied. Maybe tell the bully to cut it out if you’re comfortable with that. You don’t have to be a hero. Big picture, make the person being bullied feel safe and the bully feel like they are the outsider.

  42. Hate to break it to you but I don’t think they’re at the game anymore.

  43. Reason is definitely more of a progressive source sometimes. I'm all for peaceful free expression but I did clearly see a car on fire.

  44. As someone who has in the past advocated for societal collapse, don’t you think that will involve more than a burning car and NAP violations?

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