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  1. If everyone was willing to do what you just did, question their convictions, we'd be in good shape to start actually solving our climate crisis. Thanks for giving us hope, you rock!

  2. 1 is not a fraction, but it's indeed a rational number; 1/1 is a fraction.

  3. Lol! The correlation of applying for a job and having sex

  4. And the negative one between socializing and having sex !

  5. So, the Riemann Hypothesis states that non-trivial (i e. not real) zeros of the zeta function have real part equal to 1/2. The link with primes numbers, if I remember correctly (please correct me below if I'm mistaken), is the following: if the Riemann Hypothesis is true, we would get better bounds on the number of primes smaller than a given number.

  6. Assuming each trial is independent and you have a success probability of p, then the probability of at least 1 success in n trials is 1 - (probability all trials are failures) = 1 - (1-p)n

  7. Yup. I would even argue most (all ?) piecharts are terrible, bar chart is the way to go.

  8. Did you mean "Society if cum was volatile pigments"? (Yes, there is one extra whitespace, sue me)

  9. The height of the bars in the histogram do not only depend on the number of observations in an interval, but also on the length of the interval. Hopefully that should be enough information for you to complete the exercise

  10. While not an opposing view, Christopher Browning's Ordinary Men offers an interesting (and terrifying) perspective of the other side. Absolutely not light reading material, but worth reading for anyone interested by the subject.

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