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  1. Should I put my Crocks in sport mode or regular?

  2. Lady Bird Johnson did not want the lake in Austin, TX named after her. Yet, after her death, they named it Lady Bird Lake.

  3. Hopefully the other side wasn't wrapped around the owner's wrist.

  4. I like to think about what it's look like if the cars weren't there. Just a bunch of people sitting in their own little world's flying around.

  5. I do this, but in the house sometimes. I think of what it would be like with no walls. Just sitting there dropping a deuce with friends/family 2 feet away in another room.

  6. Went to the beach recently and couldn't find any open chairs. Found some "open" chairs with towels or whatnot on them, so we swam in front of that area. The people finally showed up 45 minutes later. During conversing with them they mentioned "yeah, we got out here at 7 AM this morning and (whatever whatever)". You mean, you got out here at 7 AM, put your crap down and went to breakfast - - and lunch. Got it.

  7. Yeah. No typos, no smudges. If the font isn't similar to the creators own handwriting then that's going to be an issue as time time. If everyone in class starts using this and all the homework is printed the same it's going to be a major red flag.

  8. Even this is being built quicker than my local interstate.

  9. You have a sick, twisted sense of humor. And it made me laugh so hard, Diet Coke came out my nose.

  10. Let air out of your tires, put something heavy in your vehicle, then suck diet coke back up your nose.

  11. I like to add cream of mushroom soup (can use any cream of _______ soup). For a low cost, this turns it into a heartier casserole type dish.

  12. I used to sell decals. I received a chargeback from a CC company due to buyer "never received" the item. I sent delivery proof, as well as a picture from the buyer's FB where they posted a pictured of the decal on their vehicle... CC processor still supported the buyer and took money from my account. People suck.

  13. Alcohol. Don't understand the appeal or why so many people are essentially functioning alcoholics without admitting it, consistently drinking over the weekly limit. Same as cigarettes.

  14. The best drinks are the drinks where you can't taste the alcohol. Vodka Collins, and Vodka Cranberry are 2 that do this pretty well.

  15. If the rooms aren’t available anymore, then they should be pulling out the ad. If they actively promote something that’s not available, that’s false advertising

  16. Car lots do this all the time. Save $5K off MSRP! In small print (on stock #764382). Then you get there "Oh yeah, that unit sold a couple days ago, the vehicle you're looking at is $5K OVER MSRP.

  17. Dropped a bottle while bagging groceries for my first customer on my first day at my first job, it took off barely missing an old old ollllld man's hip and landing firmly in the rack of everything that needed to go back on the shelves from the front end. As my first step into adulthood, this showed me my life was gonna be one big joke.

  18. Pinnballz was ripped to shreds on the Facebooks when they announced they were open today.

  19. There was a comedian (cant remember their name) who commented on how weird it is that you need an ID to buy glue, but you are just one Amazon click away from buying a stack of road cones and making traffic go anywhere you want.

  20. The original Uconnect app was HORRIBLE! I had Best Buy install a CompuStar remote start along with DroneMobile cell phone app over the top of my factory remote start system. The new Ram app is better, but I still use DroneMobile instead. It's super quick and gives much more information.

  21. what’s the reason tho? if the house is eventually going to be on the market, why go through the trouble of doing that nice landscaping just to have to tear it all up and pour cement down in the future. seems like a lot of extra work instead of just building it the right way the first time. genuine questions bc i’m just now learning what a model home is as i read through this thread.

  22. If the house is there for years while they build out a neighborhood, a nice landscape feature looks much better than an old dirty (likely cracked) driveway. Then, when the neighborhood is completed (or they move on to a new phase), they poor the driveway for the new homeowner.

  23. Shop lifted porn magazine as a teen. I needed them more than the store owner. I would have paid if I was allowed.

  24. You should do like The Rock and go back and buy all the store's porno mags.

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