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Opinion: Hawkeye was the best disney+ marvel show.

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Iceland without tourists.

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Kyle Rittenhouse found not guilty

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  1. it aint the sound. Its the fact that it has 3 beaks.

  2. I thought these things only exist in Naruto…

  3. If there is anything in the world that shouldn’t be done fast it would be solo free climbing…

  4. So as long as I am a billionaire oil baron and spend my money buying super yachts, islands, sports cars, and french villas I’m all good. But if i dare dip a toe in space travel i’m a Earth hating gold plated bigot. Gotcha

  5. Looks great but shouldn’t have the time stone. That was destroyed and won’t come back unless he steals one from the paper weight desk.

  6. Correct me if I am mistaken, but wasn't the eye of agamotto worn by Strange even in NWH? And he did say that it was destroyed but it is speculated that it still has some magic to it.

  7. err really? Weird i must have missed that as I never saw him with it in NWH.

  8. thor activating the star forge, taking the full force of a star head on without instantly disintegrating. Dude shouldn’t be dodging punches, swords, lasers or even nukes after that.

  9. one day we’ll get an actual time lapse from start to end…

  10. Sounds like you should only buy games you are actually going to play….

  11. I thought falcon was worst. Wanda was best and loki second then Hawkeye close behind third.

  12. FATWS was mostly dragged down by how mediocre the Flagsmashers were as antagonists. They should have just cut that part and focused entirely on the rivalry between Falcon and John Walker.

  13. Also power broker was almost a non-event and could have actually been a big plot twist

  14. Man l expect Sam Porter Bridges to walk past any second

  15. there is literally nothing in talent tree preventing you from completing missions….

  16. He built it in california because he bought the failed NUUMI plant there and it had a lot of programmers. I would say the cost of labor and taxes there were a headwind to Tesla. Customers are everywhere not just California. Will obviously sell first to local market before expansion wherever they start….

  17. What sucks is that this is going to drastically increase the carbon footprint of starship. Almost 70% of power on the ERCOT grid comes from fossil, generally at an efficiency of ~50%. Then there are transmission losses, and then there is the efficiency of the carbon capture and methane making process. All said and done, they are going to burn three or four times more methane and coal to make the fuel than they would have used to just put existing fossil methane directly into starship.

  18. Obviously this will be renewable energy based. He risked it all starting a renewable energy company and there will be no fossil fuels on Mars.

  19. Yes, Tesla only still exists because of a staggering amount of government subsidies, the public pay him with their tax dollars to overpromise and under deliver

  20. You mean the “staggering” amount he paid back early with interest?

  21. Wow imagine getting paid for providing a service cheaper than other providers and paying back loans with interest. What a sadist.

  22. Because he's making more money than any other citizen in history?? That's kind of how it works. And he isn't paying a cent more than he has to.

  23. actually he is purposely paying more tax by selling older shares which have greater profit than more recent shares. Also he could have simply borrowed against his existing shares to pay the taxes once instead of selling shares and getting hit with double tax.

  24. Good luck. You can't stop aging and you sure as hell can't stop death. Sure you can plaster your face with plastic but when it's your time you will die.

  25. Funny there are already immortal animals in the world like that jellyfish which grows old, then young, then back to old without limit. Not saying humans will ever get that power but hardly something you can be so concrete about in an absolute way.

  26. Serious Attack on titan vibes here….

  27. Mercedes makes totally unrealistic concept car to avoid criticism when next year model just has an updated grill….

  28. After pressing the scanner a radio voice over should be stating that a pair of bears are heading their way and then give the player 10 seconds before they show up. Bears would be making noise as they approach so players can tell the direction.

  29. Each set has different perks. Although cloth now is in tier 1, no bench, and 5% move buff. Great option

  30. Thanks sounds better already. Now just have to convince myself if it is worth the 4 point investment to get lower tier armor...

  31. From memory, it was worth it for desert expeditions as it provided heat resistance and was the only armour to do so (this may have changed)

  32. Haha thats exactly what I did. I made 2 canteens and full cloth armor set before going into desert biome for first time. In the end heat didn't do anything and there was more water in the desert than in forest biome with rivers and waterfalls all over the place in the

  33. If this is actually true, between this and Blue Origin's internal review of the company's work culture, SpaceX sounds like a nightmare of a place to work.

  34. Also fact: spaceX is the number 1 most desired workplace for engineers

  35. Well liked by people who have never worked there.

  36. Not sure what engineers you are talking to but I would argue that what you work on is the most important thing.

  37. We can debate whether he should've been there and armed, we can debate whether his parents should've stepped in but there is no sane person who can say he didn't act in self defense and I'm someone who is deathly scared of guns.

  38. Yeah so obvious it was self defence since basically the whole thing was captured on video.

  39. Good O’l donormobiles. Thats what the ER doctors around here call them anyway.

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