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  1. Also in infinity war Doctor Strange says that they only win in one reality. Wasn’t that the MCU we’ve seen Thanos be defeated in two universes since then

  2. To be honest I can’t tell anymore who actually likes it and who is gone way too far with a joke

  3. the movie is a masterpiece what are you talking about

  4. New leaks are saying that Morbius two will be an adaptation Of the clones saga with the clone being played by Leonardo DiCaprio. Every Spider-Man character will be replaced with a Morbius character

  5. Don't. Just look up the guide on here somewhere that allows him to have bendy tentacles. It's worth the time.

  6. Are the materials a fair price

  7. I love watching it it is a great day to play it it will help for me lol I just want you guys coming back to the moon and I will have you guys come out here lol I just want you guys coming back home today I have a few minutes lol I just want you guys coming back home today lol I just want to know what you want me when I want you guys to be here for you guys and you want to come home and stay home safe love love this love love it all good thank love you bye merry merry love love miss love love bye bye see this movie lol I just want you guys coming back home

  8. As a side note the Aim 2 packs are 25% off on Amazon right now.

  9. I can’t find it can you add a link

  10. No the wrists are in normal size in the gauntlets can fit on the other retro Spider-Man

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