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  1. I think it could be interesting for spell failure to come back, but not quite how it was in Morrowind. Magicka regenerating on its own in the modern games reduces the most punishing aspect of spell failure, so maybe it could be fun to have a chance of failing a spell when you first get it. Spell failure could mean nothing happening, having the spell be much weaker than normal, having the spell be too powerful, or having a completely different spell activate instead of the one you wanted. Maybe after casting the spell a certain number of times, you have mastered the spell and will never fail casting it again. A failed cast does count towards mastery over the spell, but a successful one counts more towards it. Your magic skill level reduces the chance of you failing the spell, and the number of times you need to cast it to master it. The stronger a spell is, the more casts you need to master it. A mage with a destruction skill of 92 could buy a low level frost spell, and would barely notice that he hadn't mastered it until he did. Failing that spell would be so unlikely, and he would master it so quickly that he would never need to worry about failing that spell. The player should have mastery over the two spells they start with to give them a head start, and if you can pick a class/background that lets you start off with more spells, you have mastery over them aswell

  2. Its a tradition dating back to Empire Strikes Back making Vader and Anakin the same person.

  3. And apparently so does every other Time Lord

  4. For those of us without the force, and for those of us who don't have weapons where the blade is weightless, it is very stupid. This is Star Wars though. Logic goes out the window

  5. ... she's literally the antagonist of the show

  6. That makes her necessary? Why couldn’t it have been the grand Inquisitor? Or you know, Vader? Why did they have to add a new inquisitor? One is so obnoxious and apparently knows all the fucking secrets of the galaxy? Oh ya, coz they wanna make a new show for her... she was an embarrassing character, and completely unnecessary

  7. Eh, I wouldn't. Watch A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back, then watch Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith, and then you can watch Obi-Wan Kenobi. It won't be as good if you don't know certain things about certain characters, and it can ruin certain revelations from previous movies.

  8. Watch reviews of the prequels just before The Force Awakens came out. You'll see what people didn't like about them

  9. Watch as Andor features a female woman of color and she's instantly criticized for her (((bad acting))) even as characters next to her repeat the same line the entire series in the exact same tone for the exact same reason and show as much depth as a puddle on Tatooine.

  10. It has to feature a women of colour prominently in the marketing and trailers. Otherwise they won't have enough time to put together enough of an incel argument of diversity hire if everyone else has already seen her performance in the show. People would see right through that, they can only convince their gullible fan base with repeating the same bullshit over over and over again, leading to people being overly critical and studying the black woman's performance as if their life depended on it. Never mind that everyone else's acting will be exactly the same, that will fly over these idiots heads.

  11. Like I said, they did use vfx in the flashback, but I guess we’re gonna move past that. As far as Qui-Gon’s ghost, this show takes place after The Clone Wars, so something definitely could have changed. I do hope they go more into how force ghosts work at some point though because it does seem like a rather confusing part of lore. Like how did Vader become a force ghost with no training on it? Because if Vader could easily become a force ghost I assume Qui-Gon could too. Either way, I do want answers. So I guess to sum up my thoughts on the matter, I’m fine with Qui-Gon appearing in physical form because it doesn’t directly contradict anything at the moment.

  12. Nah, best to leave the whole force ghost thing ambiguous and mysterious. Don't go into detail on what they can and can't do, otherwise you'll only end up with needless inconstencies

  13. I think there are a couple of little companion galaxies very close to the main one such as the Rishi maze.

  14. I think in the new canon it's just a proto star

  15. Pablo Hidalgo did a nice Twitter thread about it a few months ago, as it happens.

  16. That was an interesting thread to read, and what I hadn't considered since reading that thread are the science inaccuracies if it is the galaxy. Its rotating way too fast, and there are stars in the background of the shot. But then we can argue that Star Wars has never had any respect for scientific accuracy, so it does come down to what the individual viewer wants it to be

  17. At least until ulfric sends an axe

  18. Or Balgruuf, depending on who you side with

  19. Because he was in the real star wars and not bs disney wars

  20. So Maul surviving being cut in half is not bs Disney Star Wars?

  21. I'll be honest, when watching her grab the lightsaber, part of me thought she was going to do that

  22. Some things are in flux, some things are fixed. If something isn't a fixed point, it is "in flux"

  23. I mean, we see that Vader doesn't wear his suit 24/7, he dips into the bacta tank every now and then, maybe he just wants to mix it up a little?

  24. "Aren't you a little short for a Stormtrooper?"

  25. Almost. The rule of Two started because, in Bane's eyes, the Sith had lost their way and had stopped infighting. The Brotherhood of Darkness realised that they had to strengthen their numbers and consider each other equals so that they could defeat the Jedi, because Sith infighting had been the cause of so many of their defeats beforehand. They even stopped taking the Darth title, because they were afraid that would only ignite more infighting among themselves. Bane, however, had a different opinion. Sith infighting made the Sith stronger, because the weak would be purged and only the strong would remain. However, it only works in the favour of the Sith if there are only two members of the Sith Order. Otherwise, you could have two weaker Sith team up to kill the third, most powerful one, and the overall power of the Sith has diminished. The point of the rule of two was to utilise the benefits of Sith infighting, while eliminating all of the drawbacks.

  26. Kathleen Kennedys team didn't even watch the prequels

  27. With the Sith Empire of the SWTOR era, you start off as an Acolyte being trained under an Overseer in a Sith Academy. In the game you start on Korriban, but there are other Academies on other worlds that the Empire controls. The circumstances differ, but eventually, if you manage to survive the Academy training, a Sith Lord will choose you to be their Apprentice. If your Master so chooses, they can grant you the title of Lord if they are a Darth. Only a Dark Council member can grant you a Darth title. Although there are no ranks in between a Darth and the Dark Council, it is worth noting that some Darths do take orders from non Dark Council member Darths. It depends on how well you play the politics game in the Sith Empire.

  28. Yes, but time travel without a capsule is uncomfortable and unsafe.

  29. Oh come now, not with their techniques. The Time Lords transcended such simple mechanical devices when the universe was less than half its present size.

  30. One time lord in Terror of the Autons materialises himself at will like he's a tardis

  31. Or he could have had a TARDIS with a fully functional chameleon circuit that was able to appear invisible, and he was just standing by the door

  32. The cost of goods is going up right now without pay increasing. Not increasing wages is the worst thing you can do right now

  33. 29. Liked it. Didn't love it. Some great things, some really not so great things. Overall, a positive opinion

  34. No, thank you for being a warrior for the movie’s inconsistencies. God speed, Rebel.

  35. Ain't an inconsistency though. Sorry that you think it is, but its been debunked by other commenters.

  36. I've mellowed out on Kathleen Kennedy because Disney is ultimately putting out more good Star Wars content than bad (especially if you count games, comics, and novels). Her "sin", however, was going into the sequels without a clear plan, especially in the MCU era where fans got used to everything being planned out.

  37. But then if she went in with a plan, and she wasn't the one writing or directing the movies, she would have been accused of corporate interference. The fact she remained hands off was honestly the smartest thing she could have done, however in hindsight, she should have definitely gotten someone, or a team of people to lay out a rough plan for the trilogy. Wasn't that what the story group was for?

  38. Oh I didn't mean for Kennedy herself to come up with a plan! But she should've made sure the writers came up with a 3 film plan before starting production on EP7.

  39. With hindsight, I definitely agree with you, a rough plan should have been outlined at the start of the three films, but then we can partially blame Bob Iger for wanting Episode 7 to be released in 2015 no matter what, effectively only giving them 3 years to make a film. And I'm not sure if it was also his decision to have two years in between the trilogy films instead of the usual three, but that couldn't have helped matters

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