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  1. If youre on a budget get a bag of play sand and moisten it slightly. Whatever it was will probably be back for seconds and you should be able to get some tracks to identify. Prepare the surface to make it as pristine as you can. Now that there is blood you may also get a parade of all the local monsters so don't kill the first thing you identify. I've had a problem with raccoon, skunks and weasels here in New York. The weasels tend to fill up on blood and leave most of the bodies behind. Good luck.

  2. That's a great idea. I have play sand on hand for my ducks, so I will do this to see if these buttheads come back. They've evaded every trap I've set, but tracks would help me determine what I'm dealing with better. Regardless, reinforcing the coop is my main priority today. Thank you. :)

  3. Don’t worry we have ALL been there! I’m pretty sure I could house my hens in a steel vault and something would get in eventually. Hardware mesh is amazing! I got so tired of losing chickens at night I poured a concrete slab for the pad with a two foot cinder block wall and wood famed coop on top. Fixed my nighttime critter issue….. so far lol

  4. Thank you for sharing this, it helps to know that I'm not just an idiot who is an outlier in homesteading. I'm new to quail -- they're so small, and I didn't account for that in the cage setup they have. I'll be reinforcing the crap out of the coop and setting up any and all deterrents I can. Thanks. :)

  5. I bought a homestead in farmland and am raising ducks and quail and gardening galore because of this game. (And Harvest Moon 64). It literally changed my life.

  6. A crap ton on these. I have several already and the night view and motion sensors are great!

  7. Hmmm I wonder if there is an English version. Are they hard wired?

  8. You can pop in microSD cards and keep everything locally if that's what you mean. And the app is in English. I haven't had any issues at all in 2 years.

  9. Americans really do think you can just go somewhere with a suitcase and start a life.

  10. I'm American. I packed up a suitcase and my dog and moved to Sweden 7 years ago. Tonight I'm laying in bed in the farmhouse I just bought in Skåne, my Volvo outside, and my doggies all snoring beside me, as I listen to the creek in my backyard babble, and song birds start saying goodnight.

  11. Welcome to Skåne! I hope our glorious rapeseed fields fill you with the same joy they bring me! Also, take a trip to Ales stenar if you haven't already. And Stenshuvud, Nimis, and Måkläppen (when it's in season)!

  12. Nimis is wild. I used to live in Landskrona, Helsingborg, now I'm in Österlen just between Simrishamn and Tomelilla. I'll definitely check out the others when I'm able to switch off "work/fix house/raise puppy/ducks/quail" mode, and even the weather is nice than this crap! :) Trevlig helg!

  13. Will the board be joining us?

  14. Your senior Shiba looks adorable ! (as well as your two other marshmallows but I have a soft spot for senior puppers)

  15. She's the best! Beat cancer almost 5 years ago and even more youthful than ever. The onslaught of pups added to the family have certainty helped keep her spry and active :)

  16. After all the malamutes we're currently considering a shibe. For better size, if slightly less pulling. How's the fluff situation with the little ones? They look so much shorter haired.

  17. They still shed like crazy, but if you've already been in a Malamute mindset, it's a cakewalk. Buy a professional doggy blow dryer and get them used to it young (as well as touching their mouth, teeth, gums, toes, ears, and you'll be good!

  18. Fränt med sån sensor? Vart är den köpt? :)


  20. Är född och uppvuxen i Österlen. Frågar kassören på ICA om "vill du ha kass" eller vadsomhelst med "kass" så är det en kasse, inte att du är dålig. FYI!

  21. You will need an Aqara hub for the Aqara contact sensor, but it’s a worthy investment once you discover the other stuff you could potentially use. Cheapest is the E1, but the M1S comes with a speaker and night light, whilst the M2 comes with an Ethernet connection. If you want a camera, then the G2H Pro, or G3 are also hubs.

  22. Wonderful, thank you very much! :) Just what I was hoping to find out.

  23. Please advise your general location, latitude/country. From your obstruction picture I’m guessing it is not USA.

  24. Hey! Thanks for the response. I'm located in the South-easternmost part of Sweden. Thank you!

  25. We had ours now for a few months and I have no idea what's normal. Sometimes things are worse than others, sometimes they're amazing. Have you contacted support? Allow them to have remote access and you never know, they might solve your issues.

  26. Thank you for your response! I will try contacting their support I suppose. :) Thank you!

  27. Oh they look very good together! Is the big one aggressive at all? Did he do that to the medium one’s eye by chance?

  28. Nah, little one has allergies and was out in the forest all weekend with my SO's parents, so she always comes back from their place a bit puffy in her eye and scratchy. She's on medicine for it, but she's due for her seasonal injection to help.

  29. Yea, just be really careful w that Akita. Thankfully, it sounds like you are a very responsible pet owner. Would you get another Akita with the challenges you have had with the current one?

  30. Could I? Yes. Would I? Down the line, yes, but as a puppy introduced to another adult dog to teach him boundaries, like my Shiba did with him. This puppy will be his companion once Hima passes on.

  31. It means Chrysanthemum! My Shiba is Hima (Himawari), which means Sunflower, and my Japanese Akita is Tonbo, which means Dragonfly. I wanted to go with a garden theme, so when they pass, we can keep them living on in our back yard each season.

  32. Slightly farther than I did! We went 1,900km over two days...

  33. Hey, 2000 for our Akita! Sweden to Netherlands :D

  34. In Germany we are gonna have 2€(2,29$)/Liter soon 😢not fun if you have to drive a car...

  35. It's already there in Sweden for e98. Paired with my 1000 EUR energy bill last month, I'm just thankful I get to choose what I want for dinner before I get fucked by my bills.

  36. It's $8.14 USD a gallon here in Sweden.

  37. That was a bad cough..! If Ruth dies, I'm locking the sub forever.

  38. I have a feeling her bringing up "Give these antibiotics to the seamstresses ... bound to catch something jammed in there together" was a small nod to her potentially needing them herself and it'll be used as leverage by W, now that she's in custody.

  39. Anyone else get the chills of excitement whenever both trains are in one shot. First time was in the season one finale where Big Alice came out of nowhere and completely unexpected. Today seeing the trains side by side gave me a similar emotion.

  40. I've just bought a killer surround system, but hadn't watched anything with much action, until this episode. Holy crap. My glasses were practically vibrating off my face for that entire scene.

  41. Jättefint soligt väder i SÖ Skåne idag!

  42. My old one was BilboTBaggins

  43. Mod is getting a Samoyed next month so this post is gonna be stickied on this sub for a while. I love it 😍

  44. MOD know if Girl or boy? And any names picked out yet? This is Powder aka powman aka pow pow aka kingpow aka cowpow ( that’s when he starts grassing on our walks and eating grass rather then walking and playing ball) floofy butt lol 😂

  45. It's a girl! We think she'll either be Kiko or Sato.

  46. From what I've heard it's actually difficult for refugees that speak English to even practice Swedish, because everyone one there will just start speaking to them in English for conveniences sake.

  47. I've lived in Sweden for 7 years and I still rarely get the chance to practice my Swedish with people. As soon as they hear my accent they switch to English, so we end up having an American speaking swedish and a Swede speaking English.

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