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  1. 001 was cool and interesting part of that movie ZeroDrive was a mistake as well as everything else in that movie.

  2. A young man has died, he has a time limit in saving himself. Except no actually it doesn't matter.

  3. Technically speaking if not for Momotaros then Den-O would have been like that.

  4. Personally I loved watching the series in order, that way I could see the evolution of the writing, story structure, and style.

  5. It's always funny thinking about it because it just goes to show Ghost himself wasn't the problem. His appearance in all these were great. The elements of the season were the issue.

  6. If a pre order for a Gills came out right now and it was 200 dollars I wouldn't even flinch that's how much I need it.

  7. I love this meme format but it's unfortunate that the line in the movie is so dumb.

  8. Anytime with Drive, because he catchphrase was the most forced.

  9. No one, he'd run off with the money and power like an old timey villain scott free.

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