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  1. Ah, yes. The disappointment of the century. The kidney I had removed is less of a failure than you.

  2. I'm glad I wasn't the only one to see the somewhat obvious parallels/similarities to Oma's 'debut' scene.

  3. It's the small steps that count, my friend. You'll be able to bounce back. Do what you want now to get your life back.

  4. You're looking brilliant and doing brilliantly now, mate! You can keep doing it; you've made it this far.

  5. Yes, mate! Keep going! You can do it! There will always be someone out there ready to lend a helping hand if you are struggling with anything life throws your way.

  6. Dragon Quest 9. Have nearly 2,000 hours logged over all my save slots/cartridges.

  7. Geats, due to his 2000+ years of reincarnation and experience gained throughout. After Geats, it would be Aruto due to his speed and grasshopper-themed abilities.

  8. Yeah, agreed. Despite being fairly minor, the actor manages to play his character so damn well. That's why the character is so dislikable. Same reason why Racles is easy to hate; the casting is impeccable, in that the people cast can easily play villains/hateable people so well.

  9. You're getting there, my friend. It's all about the small steps. The small things are what allow you to help improve yourself mentally and physically. And you have to remember that people will always be out there for you, whether or not you might see it. Sending virtual hugs.

  10. Aww thank you so much for your words of encouragement. Reddit is filled with supportive people and you all make me feel so great :)

  11. Can somebody explain all the Malaysia, Johnny Test, and Whiplash jokes/references? I don't know what any of them are referring to. Sorry if I'm being a bit dim/they're a bit obvious.

  12. Basically, everyone relates Ben and John to Secret Agents Mr. Black and Mr. White from the cartoon series Johnny Test. Since they look extremely similar and such. And one episode in particular had the Agents were police officers to the reason which Mr. Black (the Caucasian male) responded "I blew up Malaysia". And the whip crack SFX was incredibly abundant in the cartoon series to the point every move a character makes would be followed by that sound effect.

  13. My poor, sweet, wholesome baby boy. Keiwa and Neon deserve all the hugs in the world.

  14. Ah, yes, the Narrator. (Seriously, Ikeda's the narrator of King-Ohger, as well as now being the 6th).

  15. In the preview for next episode we can see someone using Ninja and it definitely isn’t tycoon

  16. I think that it might be Punkjack. The helmet, from what I could make out, looked rather bulky and orange.

  17. By the hair, it looks like Himeno is dressed in the armour of a Shuggodam soldier/guard.

  18. Still love the show, but Doctor Who. Especially (Modern) Series 7, which was weaker than the previous series.

  19. Kamen rider wizard in magiKa land, is like a movie of pure comic shorts

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