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  1. The bull is kicking the bear in the nuts! 🥜

  2. I read the post title wrong and I saw the picture wrong.

  3. I have a long history in martial arts, I even taught children as young as 5 years old.

  4. I’ve volunteered to be thrown before by my instructor, but at least they had half a mind to demonstrate carefully, not this shit.

  5. That’s adrenaline, guaranteed that kid’s back hurts all to hell after getting whipped around by that asshole like that.

  6. Had to scroll a long way to finally find someone who agrees with me, Galen rocks!

  7. The Jedi-hunting, Jawa-punting, Star-Destroyer-pulling, Death Star-foiling clone of a clone himself.

  8. Still waiting for a Ghoul Harag that’s emaciated and spreads effluvium. Acid Glavenous’s crystallized tail comes to mind.

  9. I mean that sounds cool, but how would Goss spread Effluvium to other places?

  10. Kulve’s Ice Hammer will keep you mobile enough to get around his attacks while dealing good elemental damage during the brief windows between his combos. Atleast one point of Tremor Resistance will negate the ground shakes.

  11. Free Meal 5 was an interesting experience!

  12. Carrying people through Fatalis as a wide range free meal 5 mushroomancer was the best.

  13. Jason Statham in a Medieval Comedy Romance movie.

  14. I found out the Orion set was hidden away in one of the HR event quests. Black Ops Santa has arrived from the New World.

  15. This is me going BACK to CB after switching to Hammer AFTER 600+ CB hunts in World. My brain devolved to Unga mode and cant recover.

  16. I too similarly struggle with returning to SnS and CB after 334 hunts with the Hammer in Rise. My carpal tunnel is already coming back due to how much more button-mashing is required to pull off perfect rushes and SAEDs respectively.

  17. King Rhoam introducing Link to Princess Zelda

  18. C'mon man! This is what happens when you vote democrat, Jack!

  19. Imagine the mental gymnastics required to think that the President is directly responsible for inflation instead of the corporations that are arbitrarily raising prices while simultaneously laying off their workforce and paying out fat executive bonuses to their CEOs. My dad tries to blame Biden for gas prices too.

  20. After the amount of Afflicted farming I had to do, i will absolutely NOT being doing that.

  21. Just wait till they add layered weapons.

  22. Just finished upgrading to the Master Ninja Sword, it is godly with Crit Boost 3 and you can slot in two levels of Mind’s Eye to cover blue sharpness’s weakness of having attacks that might bounce off of tougher enemies.

  23. I hear you, but I just wanna see Mahoraga x Rabbit Escape steamroll the rest of the verse.

  24. That one rabbit that just didn’t look right and then you find out why.

  25. Nezha would have to arguably step on your food to cook it though, unless you’re into that.

  26. Uses vector pads to keep Grendel caught in a Team Rocket Hideout-styled spinning tiles loop until the steak is ready.

  27. "Tiche was one of the assassins who, on the night of the plot, imbued her black knife with the Rune of Death and slew Godwyn the Golden. She was the daughter of the Black Knife Ringleader, Alecto, and was killed protecting her mother during their flight from the royal capital." - Tiche ashes item description

  28. That’s why she’s so good at carrying me through the game.

  29. This is the only correct answer here

  30. I decided to main GS on my second save file and boy I have been missing out. Soloing MR monsters under a few minutes by spamming slinger burst into TCS is a different feeling altogether.

  31. Can’t believe OP’s brother named their dog after fermented cabbage.

  32. Managers gotta justify their quarterly bonuses and six figure incomes somehow.

  33. Worked for an MSP last year where I was the only tech support in office while the rest of our team was WFH.

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