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  1. Wasn't he the one who died during an episode where Tony keeps bitching and moaning about how he can't catch a break? When Curto dying is literally the break of all breaks for Tony. Up there with Gene's suicide or Johnny Sack getting locked up.

  2. But if you worked for ObamaBushCheney that's just fine. Who cares about body count or how much liberties were undermined?

  3. Formal Bat, this is a thread on Reddit about a doctor who willingly lent his name and reputation during a pandemic to a President who was fighting the science and medical communities tooth and nail, every step of the way while he was in power.

  4. I thought u meant many local men think that way. I misunderstood u I guess

  5. I don't think that claim would be much of a stretch either, though.

  6. Alt right women support alt right men. There is an element of support. They vocally support alt right men and their beliefs.

  7. I'm not sure whether you're intentionally trolling me here or if you're just not interested in reading my responses or the sub's own crystal clear rules very carefully, but you are barely addressing my appoint here.

  8. Please point out the rule this is breaking? Have you read the rules. Doesn't say it has to be voted for just supported. Alt right women openly support the antics of alt right men including their misogyny so yes leopards eating their face cause they're now upset they are also being treated badly.

  9. (First, just to be clear, I never made any point like there needed to be a vote rather than just support. I never remotely stated or implied anything like that. While you are totally right about this, it wasn't a point of contention and has nothing to do with the disagreement. The problem isn't that there wasn't a vote, the problem is that alt-right women were fundamentally not advocating for right wing men as dating partners for others, blissfully unaware they might end up being the ones who date them or something. That just isn't something that has happened.)

  10. Oh man, a switch hitting power hitter who doesn't strike out, with durability, too?

  11. Interesting read for sure. My bigger criticism is that, while the author seems to come at this with a pretty reasonable approach otherwise, he rarely acknowledges the implications of these trades as far as the years of team control the applicable players represent.

  12. This impersonation's probably covered head to toe in shit.

  13. I don't have the mental fortitude to listen to this train wreck with audio. I get too depressed around the holidays as it is.

  14. Go ahead and eat some of that goop, Scrooge. It'll give ya the Bonies' sense of humor.

  15. Jesus, he could literally make up anything that superficially sounds somewhat persuasive, but selects a rockets theory that doesn't even seem to make sense internally or answer the question superficially.

  16. I don't know, man. I was never attracted to her much at all. Then someone mentioned to me once that she looked a little like Bill Maher in the face and I've never been able to unsee that.

  17. Yep also a great series. Not much of a climax but enjoyable. One of my neighbors was on that show

  18. Lmao. Damn, I misread this at first like a joke about your neighbor's bedroom, as in he belonged on the show because neither has much to offer in the way of a climax, but they're at least otherwise enjoyable enough.

  19. As in, only Christian porn can be played in an employment setting.

  20. Hmmmm, maybe Advil then. And maybe a coffin if all else fails.

  21. Might as well buy a coffin and a half if you go that route, no? You'd barely notice the price being a negligible 50% more. And, personally, I would rather err on the side of having too much coffin than too little, what with the finality of death and length of eternity and whatnot.

  22. Especially when you're talking about something as huge as the atmosphere of an entire planet. That's an incredible amount of extra material.

  23. Right? At the least, you would think it would make an intellectually honest person wonder how the science community views this 50% increase. (Not as though you'd ever expect a person like OOP to directly engage with scientific arguments and information competently or in good faith.)

  24. Damn, and I remember even feeling slightly weird when I kept dating my 17 year-old girlfriend when I turned 18 and she still had another 6 months until her birthday.

  25. Don't even think it's fair to put the Bee anywhere in the same league as the Onion .

  26. It's definitely not, though I understand there's inherently subjectivity when evaluating what is good satire and what is just silly or bad satire.

  27. INFO: Is coworker the type of guy who would come to reclaim Rome for his people?

  28. I know, right? You've gotta wonder maybe if there's some sort of pathological overcompensation going on to try to fit in with hardcore conservatives, by pushing strongly against such an even more extreme corner of conservative America?

  29. What does it say about the Left when the Right has white supremacists being praised by a black celebrity?

  30. Oh man, AND this guy even pays for his own cell phone each month?! Mic drop right there.

  31. The old false dichotomy between rigorous academic research and "real world knowledge."

  32. My girlfriend is a chemist who works in a hospital lab and she says this is totally standard for anybody presenting as in an altered state. I guess the same test is testing for all of those substances and they wouldn't ever test for any of them just individually.

  33. I mean, I personally love not having to skim past dozens of painfully ignorant "CRT" threads with white people losing their minds. I've never clicked on that mega thread, keep it there. Let them congregate there if they want to.

  34. honestly respect to Dwight not just for calling Shaq on his shit but because I think he did it in a way that shows respect to his current teammates as well. Good looking out.

  35. Absolutely, I was expecting to roll my eyes and I generally respect Shaq a ton as a person, especially the older he gets.

  36. Mediocre judge of character you are

  37. I always hate poor sportsmanship and ungracious immaturity, especially when it's coming from my team's side.

  38. And the certifiably biased political push polls asking whether you support Trump a ton or just merely a lot.

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