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  1. Saying that Canada is "closer to China" as a result of Trump is a clear indication that you don't understand anything about Canadian politics. lol

  2. Try reading the article you linked and show me where it says Canada made new agreements to ship Aluminum to China. Hint: it doesn't. In fact, it states Canada sent more of it's exports specifically to Europe as a result of CUSMA, and that China produces 50% of global aluminum and therefore has no reason to import it from Canada. In fact, the challenge being discussed in the article is actually how to keep Chinese aluminum from flooding the North American market, not the other way around.

  3. 99.5% chance I’m having potatoes for dinner

  4. 99.9% chance I'm putting cheese on my potatoes for dinner

  5. Right, I'd much rather my nephew watch Blippi than the cringey, random "kids" YouTubers making Minecraft Fart x Nicki Minaj videos

  6. Did you know that Blippi had a video from years ago where he literally took a shit all over his friend?

  7. When your pants cost $2500 but your watch only costs $65. 🤔

  8. How come this "Twitter" post has a Facebook like bar and comment underneath it?

  9. How can you be tech savvy enough to acquire CP, but not savvy enough to know about time stamps? Like I'm pretty sure you wouldn't be able to just find it on Google.

  10. Considering most of the mugshots of CP criminals look like absolute bellends, it would appear that being tech savvy isn't a requirement.

  11. I'd say the stand sucks. It seems to me that the headphones are too low, and some stress may be put on cable connectors. And who would want to use that for storage?

  12. It looks like it's also made of some sort of high-density foam.

  13. The only thing vaguely related to Ymh in this video is her saying "chillbumps" like Burp Chrysler. This is 2:50 of wasted time.

  14. Did they talk about this on an episode or something? I don't remember hearing about it before

  15. Almost 7 foot? What the fuck are you talking about lmao

  16. I heard "Complicated" the other day -- and I thought, "hey I remember that from high school."

  17. How old are you? Avril was born in 1984. You must have been out of high school for 20 years by the time this song came out.

  18. There's nothing to feel bad about, we're all (hopefully) gonna live until we're old! lol

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