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  1. We should never make decisions based on feelings of the heart. Because it is deceitful.

  2. Guys got a high sex drive it seems. Talk to him, he probably doesn't think of it how you're thinking of it. Communication is the way

  3. I did communicate with him last night. I don’t post on Reddit unless I’ve already communicated it

  4. Sex is good, do a lot of sex together in your marriage. Have fun

  5. Why do they not want to? Also would that make it a choice to believe?

  6. Because people have the choice I suppose. God's will is that everyone would be saved but people often don't choose him.

  7. In the hub they get tossed around pretty good. And on the trucks iff the loaders did a bad job there's a chance the boxes fall off shelves..

  8. Sometimes, but mostly we know but aren't 100% sure that girls intend to give those signals and we prefer to play it safe.

  9. Because they're unhappy and want to know why we are so pleased with ourselves

  10. Catholic meaning universal I am, but I find myself protestant because I disagree with some of the traditions of the church, where I find myself aligning with different denominations.

  11. I deliver stuff, and when there's something heavy I instinctively assume the women want me to carry whatever it is the extra distance unless they're very obviously coming to get whatever the item is, and when they do if it's heavy I assume they want me to set it down.

  12. My wife and I had 2 boys in 2 years and her hormones were awful for 4 years. We didn't know why tho for 5 years. Sometimes things need to balance out in your body and that takes time or treatment

  13. Be well, pal. But know that your gods are subject to our most high God. He's the creator of all things. If you want to know why Christ matters in the whole scheme of things I'd love to chat

  14. Sex is legitimately something that as a couple brings you closer to one another and allows you to experience a lot of stuff together. Even biblically, Paul says to avoid abstaining except for a time agreed upon between the husband and the wife. Sex is dope, and every married couple should enjoy it together. Therapy works wonders, and helps both parties figure things out about themselves and how to translate themselves with one another.

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