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Why is Christianity the only religion whose mockery is politically correct and accepted?

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  1. The FBI are the terrorists. They also support BLM & Antifa. Nothing on that document has any link to terrorism or terrorist groups. The feds have always viewed patriots as the bad guy. Militia groups were targeted the same way in the 90s.

  2. I think you're confusing gangs with domestic terrorism groups. They have charts and infographics for gangs as well. This one happens to be about dometic terrorism groups, not gangs.

  3. Yes, people who are against tyrannical governments are "domestic terrorists." Lock all of those "terrorists" up!

  4. Yes, the skin is different. They look older (source: me. had to get them bc mandates and needed a job. currently in a clinical trial to finalize a cure for i and the other injured. if anyone would like to help, please message me. this is not a ffucking bluff or trick. i've learned a lot through this, and have good contacts working with me. i just need help sorting through everything. we can't have any blind spots

  5. Read from people who have taken the experiment and have done fasting improved their condition.

  6. Except it's not really a whataboutism after Jan 6th as we saw that even with an apparently stolen election, the guns aren't coming out and the people will be pushed back.

  7. If people are oblivious and are easily pacified why would they bring them out? We haven't experienced the extent they are willing to go but the way things are going we will but not yet. And the colonists were vastly more united as opposed to the lack of unity of today, so bringing them out now I believe would be disastrous.

  8. It figures. They're were/ are still in bed with the shittiest people on the planet:

  9. Members of the golden dawn use the silent symbol as well. It’s an occult hand signal. It can also mean to silence negative thoughts. You don’t know which side they are on or what they believe. Is a preacher who is Christian always good? Even when that preacher molests kids? I mean..he’s wearing that cross symbol. He’s clasping his hands as the prayer hand signal.

  10. I think flashing the devil's horns coupled with other ones is a big giveaway.

  11. I saw a video on Bitchute that reported he was tried in a military tribunal, convicted, and executed for the video of kidnapping and torturing a child.

  12. I was comparing the sob story and annoying aspect of really shoving it in your face that the Expose does. The size and location of said donation button has nothing to do with the criticism.

  13. You mean the holocaust denier who also lost a defamation suit that was held up by right wing Wisconsins Supreme Court and his book that was pulled out of publication for being too bullshit for renowned conspiracy publisher Moon Rock books.

  14. Is the FBI also HDs & AJs? The burden of proof still falls on those who peddle this BS, corporate narrative. So where's your evidence of those supposed dead kids?

  15. Your god Jones admitted that Sandy Hook happened both under oath and via cell phone records provided to the prosecution in the most recent case. He knew he was peddling shit to his fans, he also knows it don’t matter because he flip flops from week to week on most topics with ease because he knows his fans are too stupid to pay attention.

  16. It's baffling you believe this stuff.. The kids don't even look like the kids that were in the massacre so where is your logic?

  17. No worse than being gullible and naive to buy some mediocre crises actors BS stories and a manufactured, corporate pushed narrative of how school kids got murdered in cold blood by a ninety pound autistic kid while carrying 100 pounds of guns and ammo while running at mach 1 through the school with a 99% shooting accuracy no less and worse buying it with ZERO evidence of dead kids to back it up.

  18. Lol, if this was only 2 months after, why are all of the supposed fake victims like 2 years older than they should be? Did the people who faked Sandy Hook also invent age accelerating tech? The reality is none of these kids have more than a passing resemblance to the victims. If this is your best evidence than your theory is fucked.

  19. Easy. The links are real which exposes the hoax. The subreddit is compromised and the mods are here to suppress the truth.

  20. Ah, gotcha. My comment got shadowbanned. Not the first time it's happened.

  21. It would have been a strong defense for Alex to show that his statements were true, for some reason he didn't try to argue that though.

  22. Plus showing video evidence of the kids showing up two months after the supposed "massacre":

  23. According to who? Bootlickers? Useful idiots like Antifa? Kool-aid drinkers?

  24. They're hard to boycott, unlike regular companies.

  25. If everybody used Monero (XMR) and precious metals that would unshackle us from their debt, inflation chains.

  26. Yes tie one on is slang for getting drunk

  27. The ultimate goal is depopulation. They want the planet to themselves with a limited slave/servant population who’ll be happy to have been enslaved. They see humanity and freedom as a threat to them obtaining complete control of the planet to themselves. They see themselves as gods that have the capability needed to achieve their goal. Swaub literally said at davos “it is up to us”.

  28. And global technocracy, neofeudalism, & transhumanism

  29. Korona Karen Klanswoman doing her duty by mask policing police officers. Bless her!

  30. Remember when redditors opened their favs folders and spammed us with horse porn to suppress Ivermectin?

  31. On July 17, Dr. Lorne Segall, a 49-year-old otolaryngologist at Credit Valley Hospital, passed away after a “ridiculously unfair and hard fought year-long battle with advanced lung cancer,” his obituary reads…

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